Friday, August 26, 2011

Welcome to the Pit – Magic 2012

You can unlock the medium difficulty challenge called Welcome to the Pit by defeating Jace Beleren in Magic: the Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012’s campaign game. You will be pitted against Sarkhan Vol using black cards.

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Game objective:

Sarkhan has 10 life while you only have 1. Find a way to deflect the coming deathblow, defeat Sarkhan, and survive your own creatures’ predations.

How to solve:

The challenge starts with Sarkhan Vol’s turn. He will attack with all creatures he has in the battlefield. To survive this,

  • Block Colossus of Sardia with a Bloodthrone Vampire.
  • Block the remaining three attackers with one creature each. There is no correct attacker-defender pairing needed.

After you confirm the blocking, activate the ability of the Vampire currently blocking the Colossus and sacrifice Mortivore plus all three creatures which are blocking the other attackers. In other words, you activate the ability four times with four sacrifices.


The activated Vampire gets +8/+8, bring her total combat power and toughness to 9/9. This is enough to destroy the Colossus as well as withstand all its combat power so no Trample damage goes to you.

Meanwhile, the other attackers appear to attack but produce no actual damage.


You can just imagine the attacking creatures have already launched their missiles/projectiles towards to where the blocking creatures are. Despite them being sacrificed and no longer present in the battlefield, you still don’t receive any damage since the projectiles were already fired at elsewhere and not to you. But the visual aid, specifically the orange arrows pointing at you, can be very misleading.

During your next turn, you will win during upkeep phase because of enchantment Mortal Combat. The challenge began with 15 creatures already in your graveyard. With four sacrifices and one death from an attack, you already had 20 creatures in the graveyard before your turn.


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