Thursday, August 25, 2011

With Fire and Sword – Magic 2012

Unlocked after defeating Garruk Wildspeaker, With Fire and Sword is yet another easy 1-on-1 challenge in Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012. Game concepts taught in this puzzle include Equipment, First Strike, and Double Strike.

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Game objective:

Chandra has 6 life while you have 4. Ready yourself for Chandra’s finishing blow and then defeat her on your next turn.

How to solve:

You get to move first during this challenge. During your main phase, put/summon Kor Duelist in the battlefield. This Kor Soldier creature has double strike as long as he is equipped.

Double Strike – Attacking and blocking creatures that have first strike and double strike deal combat damage before other creatures. Then, all creatures except those with first strike deal combat damage.

Creatures that have double strike deal combat damage twice each combat.

It’s possible for a creature to be destroyed before it can deal its combat damage.

At its current state (1 combat power and 1 toughness), the Duelist will not be able to stand an anticipated attack by Chandra Nalaar next turn using her Lightning Elemental. It has a devastating combat power of 4 and also has Haste, although the latter is not significant during this challenge.

Haste – Creatures with haste ignore summoning sickness. They can attack and their abilities (that cost them to be tapped) can be played as soon as they enter the battlefield.

To give it a fighting chance, equip artifact Trusty Machete to the Kor Duelist.


It will be Chandra’s turn next. As expected, she will attack using her sole creature. Block Lightning Elemental with the equipped Kor Duelist.


Since the Duelist now has Double Strike (implying First Strike), it gets to damage the Elemental and kill it before it can return damage.

During your next turn, attack using Kor Duelist. He will damage Chandra twice, dissipating her 6 life and completing the challenge.

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