Monday, April 18, 2011

Globe Postpaid for Students

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globe telecom logoThanks to what some may consider a major backlash of my life, I remain a student for the next three years, all the while still devoid of a postpaid account from Globe Telecom. You see, getting a subscription on a postpaid payment basis requires financial stability credentials of which a student simply cannot have. It recently occurred to me (which I can’t believe took me years!) that I could just go to a Globe Telecom Wireless Center and ask a sales rep what alternatives do students have.

Guess what the answer is. A bank statement spanning two months that details an accumulated monthly deposit of at least Php10,000.00. With that in mind, the only problem left is how to deposit that much amount each month. I got a couple of tips below.

  • While I’m still a student, I actually am working online for a bit of cash. Had it been a local job, acquiring a proof of financial capacity would have been a lot easier. The point is, working as a student who can at least earn Php10K a month is one way of getting a postpaid subscription.
  • I still live off of the weekly allowance my parents send me to my bank savings account, which helps increase the amount I deposit every month.

If you refer to other people for help, you can

  • Ask a financially capable person like your parents to proxy-register for you. In other words, they will be the one to open an account using their name.
  • Borrow some cash!
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