Saturday, August 13, 2011

Switching back to Blogger editor due to Scribe

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I'm switching back to Blogger just so I can try out the new feature known as Scribe. It's actually more annoying than useful. So far it can't really guess the right word I'm looking for. I may be exaggerating but it can only predict the word I am about to type at around fifty percent of the time.

But is Scribe enough for me to stay writing using the Blogger editor or am I just going to return to Windows Live Writer in the future? Sure it might be nice to see some suggested words since I often am at a loss whenever I write; that one word is just at the tip of my tongue and Scribe says it for me. If not, it can at least show a possibly similar word.

Scribe is just one of the new features of Blogger. But what I really want to know is if the quirks during writing, especially the formatting problems in HTML, is still left unfixed. That was actually the main reason why I used Writer for the time being: what I really type during draft and how it appears is successfully published live as it is.

And, I wish they've added a word count feature. It's simple but really nifty. So much for that.

Logic: Fallacies

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Equivocation occurs when a word is misconstrued in a sentence or argument for two or more meanings.

Example 1:

A fan can cool off a person dripping in sweat.

Juan de la Cruz is a fan of western actors.

Therefore, Juan de la Cruz can cool off western actors.


The term “fan” is ambiguous in the argument. The fan in the first statement refers to a tool to move air while a fan in the case of Juan de la Cruz refers to being an enthusiastic admirer of a celebrity.

Example 2:

Adam is the fastest runner in the world because he is first in the human race.


The word being misunderstood in this example is “race,” as a competition of speed  and as humanity as a whole.