Sunday, August 28, 2011

How to get refund for From Dust video game

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While praised for its visual prowess, the PC version of the god game From Dust is teeming with a number of glitches, crashes and issues that Ubisoft and Steam agreed to issue refunds to those who ask for it.

From Dust

The French game publisher previously stated that From Dust would only require an Internet connection on first run for a one-time-only activation. It turns out that the game will need Internet connection every time it is launched, a fact which Ubisoft now acknowledges and therefore refuting its previous statement. All these commotion led to Ubisoft’s offer of giving refunds to customers who purchased From Dust through UPlay.

On the other hand, Steam has kept mum about all this. In fact, the people from Valve have not given any official statement including for refunds, although there are already users who were reported to have been given their money back. If you bought the game through Steam and would also like to get a refund, do not just ask for it because your request will be denied. Instead, supply a reason: either mention the performance issues of the game or the misleading info regarding Internet access requirement for a supposed one-time activation. Supplying relevant links would be helpful too.

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