Wednesday, September 7, 2011

McDo Delivery 24 Hours in Cebu

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Of all fastfoods I searched, McDonald’s was the only restaurant that had a Cebu delivery service that runs 24  hours day. Wanting to see if they keep up to that promise, while at the same time satiating my hunger, I immediately hooked up to the Internet and entered the online McDo delivery website.

McDelivery Online

If I remember correctly, it used to have a shorter URL: But it’s now longer: That’s not stopping me from ordering, however.

On the other hand, people hailing from Cebu have recently joined the folks from Luzon areas as customers of Jollibee’s online delivery service. It promised 24/7 too! Apparently, this last bit turned out to be false. I ordered around 6am and still haven’t received any confirmation email or call, forcing me to contact  them myself. Their response was they have received my order but was unable to process it because they open at 7am. How confusing is that? I tried to understand that perhaps the 7am opening time was for the Jollibee branch closest to my location (University of San Carlos – Talamban). Nonetheless, I ended up disappointed.

As for McDonald’s, their website greeted me with a login page as well as a link to immediately order as a guest customer. Knowing that I’m bound to take orders some more in the future, I registered an account to speed up the process when I come back next time.

McDelivery Online

Finding food is easy thanks to each item placed into categories such as Burgers, Chicken, etc. But you’ll be at a loss if you want to use a search function (which I’d like to point out that Jollibee has one.) Despite that, ordering does not require you to leave the current webpage to, say, checkout the shopping cart or choose specifics for the selected foods (which Jollibee does).

Being a registered member automatically placed my information at the fill-up form. I then simply specified how much I’m paying, entered the verification code, and hit “Ok, I’m done” button. A popup notification lets me review what I ordered and then all I had to do is wait.

Within minutes, a call arrived from a McDo Cebu call center agent . Merely a confirmation call (with added suggestions to add unpopular food items to my order), they said my order will arrive within 30 minutes.

And now, I wait. I am actually writing this post and see if I can finish it before the delivery arrives. What do you think happened next?

Well, the delivery boy came before I published this post. In less than 30 minutes!

mcdo delivery cebu in 30 minutes

But there have been other occasions when McDo really pissed me off. At times, the confirmation call really came late which delays the delivery even further. Also, the confirmation is sometimes sent via text messaging. I suppose the call this time was speedy because only a few people take orders early in the morning. And how about those long waiting delivery times? The 30-minute guarantee is not always accomplished. And the service crew gives laughable and idiotic reasons to boot!

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