Monday, January 30, 2012

Effect of PS Vita Video Games on Children

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What is PS Vita?

PlayStation Vita, also commonly known as PS Vita, is a handheld video game console using an optical disc format with features including a sizable viewing screen and large multimedia capabilities. Since it is portable, any person including a child can carry the gadget conveniently any where at any time.


Are Video Games Good or Bad for Children?

There is a very vital requirement that must be adhered to when it comes to these sorts of entertainment more particularly when tender minds are involved. Gaming activities like these need SUPERVISION! As long as there is close responsible adult supervision, video games are beneficial even to very young children.

Nowadays, as a by-product of advancements in computer technology, electronic games are more accessible by way of PlayStation Vita units which are expected to become a common thing in most homes. PS Vita may be acquired as a gift or personal purchase since it has become more affordable through the passing years.

Importance of Responsible Adult Supervision

A stress should be made on the word “responsible” simply because not all adults may be qualified to fall under such term. Thus the person referred to here is someone who has the ability to determine and distinguish what is morally good or bad, and has the ability to foresee the outcome -- psychologically, emotionally as well as mentally -- of a child’s act, which in this case is playing video games. Any person who falls short of this description can cause a disastrous effect to the total well-being of a child.

Corollary to this, the responsible person must look into the child’s choices of video games. Make sure that the little one’s choice is highly educational and non-violent. With the correct video games, a child can have an improved IQ, and can develop potential skills such as dexterity, hands-and-eyes coordination and, most of all, self-control.

As a friendly reminder to any adult reading this article, it is your obligation to supervise and help the child choose wisely his or her PS Vita video games. Molding a tender mind to be responsible is your responsibility!


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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fun To Be In The Philippines!

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In spite of all the disappointing stories about what is happening in Manila such as terrorism, killings, incidents of violence and calamities I would proudly say that it’s still fun to be in the Philippines! Yes, it cannot be denied that there are unpleasant news such as those mentioned earlier, but these occurrences do not happen in all of the entire 7,000+ islands of this country. Even natural calamities do not occur – at least all at one time and simultaneously -- over the many islands of this Republican State.

See also Manila, Cebu Nowhere among the Best

You might probably ask why. Well, for those who are not aware, the Republic of the Philippines (RP) is an archipelago. Manila is its capital city but it alone does not make the entire RP. Being a resident of Cebu City for more than four (4) decades, and since my roots are quite diversified, I would say that the Cebu province in general is one of the most frequently visited places and one of the highly populated regions in the Philippines.

Reasons Making Cebu Attractive

What makes Cebu more attractive than anywhere else in the country? There are so many varied reasons why tourists or non-tourists eye at Cebu next to Manila.

  • Geographical Structure

Life is more fun when you feel safe and secured. The following facts make Cebu an ideal place for your family and loved ones.

    1. Cebu is not situated in an earthquake (seismic) belt.
    2. It is not located within a typhoon zone.
    3. No volcano is found in the entire island province.
    4. This province is the most accessible region in the Philippines considering the existence of numerous domestic air and sea linkages compared to Manila.
  • Investment Destination

Being a region composed of highly diversified people from various cultural origins, Cebu possesses the necessary facilities and state-of-the-art amenities that suit to any lifestyle of its inhabitants or constituents and most importantly of its valuable investors.

Cebu has a well-balanced infrastructure which is an essential facet for a sustainable investment.

  • Tourist Spots and Historical Landmarks

Generally, people go to places – that would include the citizens of any country for that matter – to see interesting sites that can make their trips memorable and worthwhile. Parallel to that fact, most foreign visitors come to Cebu to witness the beauty of the place.

Visiting Cebu is never complete without seeing the following renowned historical landmarks, namely: Magellan’s Cross and Lapu-lapu Shrine. They inscribe the dramatic history of Christianity in the Philippines. Though Christianity may be dominant, there are other existing religions as well like Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism co-existing peacefully.

clip_image001 clip_image002

That is why, it is quite unfair for one to judge any country for that matter based merely on one place. Cebu exists as well as other beautiful places in the Philippines. This fact alone disproves prior misconceptions about the Republic of the Philippines. Manila is not the entire Philippines but just a single component of the 7,000+ islands of the Philippine archipelago!


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Saturday, January 28, 2012

From Dust: The Making Of

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from dust

From Dust is not just any type of video game. It is very unique and its creation can pave the way to enlightenment! There may be some who would consider the Mystical Law as mere fiction, but there are also people who adhere fully to that – it’s just a matter of personal conviction.

Anyone who understands the mechanics of the game likewise learns the mysticism of elements of nature -- though the publisher and developer do not want any taint of religion in it. In playing the game, the player is transformed into a “supernatural being“– a god for that matter – who can control the surrounding forces of the environment.

Indeed the game was nicely thought but however failed miserably to appease PC gamers when it was ported to that platform. The lack of a smooth keyboard/mouse experience compromises what would have been the best god game to come after Black & White 2.


How did the game come into existence? Let us take a look at the genius behind it.

Eric ChahiInspired by the powerful force of nature, a Frenchman named Eric Chahi, who happens to be a computer game designer and most popularly known for introducing the cinematic platform game “Another World” – also known in the US as “Out of This World” and in Japan as “Outer World” – engineered From Dust.

The idea was conceived while he was taking a break to explore other interests aside from video games. Among them was the study of volcanoes which includes magma, lava and other pertinent geological occurrences. Narrating his unforgettable trip, he said:

“I decided to create Project Dust during a trip in Vanuata in 1999, I was near the Yasur crater and it was strongly active. I could see its explosion; the sound was incredibly loud, like an air plane breaking the soundwall. Bombs were falling everywhere and sometimes really close to us. I was at the same time fascinated by this breathtaking beauty and really scared. I remember I had two thoughts at this very moment: 'I want to create another game before I die' and 'in the game I want to convey this ambivalence of Nature, beautiful and potentially violent at the same time'.” – Eric Chahi on June 15, 2010 (Q&A with Project Dust Creative Director Eric Chahi)

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Flame Orb


First introduced in Cataclysm, mages learn Flame Orb at level 81. When cast, an orb appears in front of the mage and moves forward until a nearby enemy is in range to deal Fire damage in short intervals.

Flame Orb

Flame Orb iconIn-Game Description: Launches a Flame Orb forward from the Mage’s position, dealing Fire damage every second to the closest enemy target for 15 secs.

Mana Cost: 6% of base mana

Casting Time: Instant

Casting Range: 40 yd

Spell Cooldown: 1 minute

Check out my Mage Guide for more tips and guides to the most destructive class in the World of Warcraft!

Talent Improvements

Fire Power: The Flame Orb explodes when it either reaches its 15-sec duration or cannot find a target.

Frostfire Orb: Exclusive to frost mages, the orb will instead deal Frostfire damage and slow targets further by 10% when chilled by Frostfire Bolt.

General Tips

The orb travels fast at first and will unfortunately disappear when cast where no enemy is reachable. When it manages to target someone, however, its movement becomes slower albeit continuous until the end of its duration.

Any polymorphed characters are ignored by the orb, although other types of crowd-control are reportedly still damaged upon.

In many situations where the mage is constantly on the move (such as in PvP), the Flame Orb is a great way to deal damage if casting non-instant spells is impractical. The attack range of the orb is rather short, so – especially when combating melee classes – keeping close distance with it is important.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Globe Tattoo Postpaid to offer speeds of up to 21 Mbps soon

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When I received my latest statement of account from Globe for my Tattoo postpaid account, it had an attached letter by the telecom’s president, Ernest Cu. Contained were promises for network modernization that will eventually lead to better 3G/4G signals, call quality, and web browsing.

And it seems expectations are being met early this year with the latest Tattoo postpaid plan. Previously, the fastest mobile Internet you can avail from Globe was their 12 Mbps Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini, a product name that later caused brand confusion. With the Personalized Plan, up to 21 Mbps is now possible for just Php1,199.00 a month.

Globe Tattoo customizable plan

The base plan at Php999.00 monthly already gives you maximum speeds of 7.2 Mbps. To “resist uniformity,” the plan can then be customized with perks such as a subscription of your choice to an online publication (e.g. Philippine Daily Inquirer, Cosmo, FHM) and an upgrade option for your modem. More importantly, you can increase your burst speed up to 12, 15, or 21 Mbps when you add Php100, 150, or 200 to your base plan, respectively.

But don’t rush all the way to a Globe service center just yet. This latest Globe Tattoo offer is not yet available (as of this writing), although their website mentions pre-orders are already being accepted.

Perhaps more annoyingly, the new speeds are only offered to new customers. Those who already have an existing plan/subscription (like me) will have to wait for a while as Globe is still in the process of extending the product to all subscribers, according to the product FAQ page. Yes, you can drop out from your current plan but will have to pay a termination fee if you are still under the contract period.

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