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From Dust: The Making Of

from dust

From Dust is not just any type of video game. It is very unique and its creation can pave the way to enlightenment! There may be some who would consider the Mystical Law as mere fiction, but there are also people who adhere fully to that – it’s just a matter of personal conviction.

Anyone who understands the mechanics of the game likewise learns the mysticism of elements of nature -- though the publisher and developer do not want any taint of religion in it. In playing the game, the player is transformed into a “supernatural being“– a god for that matter – who can control the surrounding forces of the environment.

Indeed the game was nicely thought but however failed miserably to appease PC gamers when it was ported to that platform. The lack of a smooth keyboard/mouse experience compromises what would have been the best god game to come after Black & White 2.


How did the game come into existence? Let us take a look at the genius behind it.

Eric ChahiInspired by the powerful force of nature, a Frenchman named Eric Chahi, who happens to be a computer game designer and most popularly known for introducing the cinematic platform game “Another World” – also known in the US as “Out of This World” and in Japan as “Outer World” – engineered From Dust.

The idea was conceived while he was taking a break to explore other interests aside from video games. Among them was the study of volcanoes which includes magma, lava and other pertinent geological occurrences. Narrating his unforgettable trip, he said:

“I decided to create Project Dust during a trip in Vanuata in 1999, I was near the Yasur crater and it was strongly active. I could see its explosion; the sound was incredibly loud, like an air plane breaking the soundwall. Bombs were falling everywhere and sometimes really close to us. I was at the same time fascinated by this breathtaking beauty and really scared. I remember I had two thoughts at this very moment: 'I want to create another game before I die' and 'in the game I want to convey this ambivalence of Nature, beautiful and potentially violent at the same time'.” – Eric Chahi on June 15, 2010 (Q&A with Project Dust Creative Director Eric Chahi)

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