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What’s All This Racket? – Meme History

What’s All This Racket?“What’s All This Racket?” is a typical father-son story. The father enters the room of his son to see what he’s doing only to end up terribly disappointed with his son’s reaction. A father’s disappointment is being hilariously illustrated -- through conversations between a geek-like son and an irate father -- in a series of comic frames.

How it all began

The 4-pane funny series was conceptualized on 4chan some time 14th of April 2009. You may check on the Green Oval archive for the earliest archived comic threads. This had become a viral phenomenon in many different image boards -- such as the anime boards and the video game boards -- as well as in video-related forums around the early part of 2009. The earliest popular non-4chan site thread can be found on Batta forum’s Grand Holy Empire dated 18th of April 2009.

It can be noted that the original comic depicts a seemingly amusing father-and-son dialogue in Japanese anime. This is how the character of Otaku, a Japanese term which expresses deep interests in anime, video games and manga – came into existence. The Otaku style has captured the hearts of web readers from all ages.

Mirada Fija

Father’s Gaze

The father’s angry gaze, as often used in the so-called rage comics, is also referred to in the following names, as (1) “Mirada Fija” in an infamous Spanish site known as Cuanto Cabron; and (2) “Stare” in sub-reddit site’s f7u12.

Rage comics refers to an internet mimeme -- a term of Greek origin which literally means “something imitated” and more popularly known in the modern days as “meme” -- for a comic focusing on an enraged man creating an angry face which readily identifies an emotion such as anger. Meme’s origin can be traced way back to 2008 on 4chan site’s internet forum which later on surged popularity in 2009 through reddit, a social news site.

Here is a collection of the Most Prominent Rage Faces in Rage Comics:

Rage Comics

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  1. I can't forget the face of "fuck that guy, damn bitch". I remember that some of my friends used it as their profile picture in facebook. haha


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