Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yao Ming Face – Meme History


The Yao Ming Face is a contour drawing based from a hearty smile of the aforementioned professional basketball player. Also known as Fuck That Guy (FTG) or Dumb Bitch, this rage comic character is usually used to dismiss someone else’s opinion in an argument.

Yao Ming Face

Origin of FTG Meme

The meme emanated from a video clip where Yao was smiling heartily at a press conference as captured in a May 2009 interview footage.

Dumb BitchYao Ming didn’t really say “dumb bitch” during that interview. It was instead suggested in a comment in a Reddit post of user/artist downlow who made the contour drawing as part of his rage comics.

Obviously, the phrase was just a figment of one’s imagination and the fruit of a creative mind. Suffice to say, this face has led to several exploitations and usages.

New Version: Disgusted Facial Expression

A thread entitled “Son, you forgot to take out the trash” with Yao’s similar face appearing disgusted was posted on the 6th of October 2010 by a Reddit user named wholemilk.

Son, you forgot to take out the trash