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Forever Alone – Meme History

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One of the most commonly used rage comic characters, Forever Alone portrays loneliness or seclusion from society.

Origin and Spread

Forever Alone is among the first to deviate from the popular Rage Guy (FUUUU—), a comic character who first appeared on 4chan in 2009. Various sources indicate that Forever Alone’s debut was on May 28, 2010, when FunnyJunk user Azuul uploaded a four-pane comic of said character at an April Fools thread.

First Appearance of Forever Alone

Around June of that year, an illustration of Forever Alone as a working “husband” was posted on 4chan and caused a sudden growth in popularity for the character in many humor websites. Only a few months had passed and there were already over 23,000 and 50,000 images on FunnyJunk and Tumblr archives respectively. By then, the term Forever Alone itself no longer referred to just the comic character but also to the general human condition of being lonely.

Forever Alone’s popularity even caught the attention of the media and big companies. For instance, Sony Ericsson prominently used the character in a series of video ads for its Xperiathon campaign.


Deviations and Examples

Some artists have taken a step further and given their works names that pun the phrase “Forever Alone” or one of the words.

Why So Serious - Forever Alone version

First Time with Skype

View more examples here.

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