Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to Unlock Diablo III Cinematics without Finishing the Game


Since I am among the eager fans of the much anticipated sequel, I bought a digital copy of Diablo III right when it became available. I won’t deny the fact that it is absolutely fun and brings back the old days of hack-and-slash and dungeon crawling entertainment the franchise popularized more than a decade ago.

Diablo III Login Screen

But then again, I – having undergone a lot of changes in my life – have become easily tired of the game after two chapters. As of this writing I still haven’t defeated the Lord of Terror. Maybe once the real-money auction house is launched I may have enough reason to play once more: earning while playing.

Because of this, a lot of the in-game cinematics have yet to be unlocked. Even if they are locked still does not convince me to finish the game though. Not even the wasted money I spent to buy the game bothers me at all. The game is not at fault here, I know. I am just that lazy.

Too lazy to finish the game but still eager to watch how it ends through the cinematics – that’s why I bothered finding out how to view the video without completing the game.

How to Unlock Diablo III Cinematics without Finishing the Game

All you have to do is edit the config file D3Prefs.txt. It is not found in the installation directory of the game, but rather in My Documents/Diablo III folder. There is always your computer’s search function if you cannot find it manually.

Once opened, you’ll see a lot of settings. We only need to edit four lines among them:Diablo III D3Prefs.txt

PlayedCutscene0 "15"
PlayedCutscene1 "15"
PlayedCutscene2 "23"
PlayedCutscene3 "143"

The numbers enclosed by double-quotation marks in your config file may not be the same as the numbers above. To be able to view all cinematics, regardless of game completion, all you have to do is match those numbers.

The PlayedCutscene0 stands for Act I cinematics, PlayedCutscene1 for those in Act II, and so forth. Don’t bother asking me what the numbers stand for. I don’t have any idea myself. Just match it!


Note that the cinematics have only been unlocked to the computer you’re currently using. It does not bind to your account. Chances are when you run Diablo III in another computer, you will need to modify the numbers in the config file (or finish the game) again to unlock the cinematics.

Alternately, you can just search for the videos on YouTube.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Facebook Pages – 7 Tips for Getting the Most Interaction with Fans

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There’s no doubt that social networks are getting valuable these days. Businesses, for instance, are opening up official Facebook Pages to reach both potential and existing customers. For website owners, these pages could be their main source of redirected traffic from Facebook. Obviously, to reach most fans requires a successful handling of these pages.

Facebook Page Insights

The Best Time to Post

Based on a 2011 report by Momentus Media, the highest interaction rates are generated by posts created during off-peak hours from 2PM to 5AM. The best day to post is Sunday. Thursdays, on the other hand, is like television’s Friday night death slot and receive the lowest interaction. 

Daily Posting Frequency

Every FB Page has a unique fan population that can tolerate a specific number of their Page’s posts per day, anything higher would then be considered spam. Too many posts would be offensive but very few posts will reduce exposure to fans. Therefore, you should find that magic number of posting per day – via FB Page Insights – that offers the highest interaction without suffering significant un-Like rates.

Most Interactive Content

Fans/users will most likely interact with photos. Normal or text status updates comes second. Next in descending order is video and then music. Links, despite the most common type of content, is the least interactive.

Photos rank the highest because their visual appearance is easy to digest and invokes emotion. To get the most of photos, links to your official website should be added in the photo description.

Asking For Likes or Comments

Don’t hesitate to do so. Likes, comments, and shares are the best ways for your posts’ popularity to spread and reach the most people, even outside your existing fanbase.

Asking Questions

While not as interactive as begging for Likes, asking questions can lead to receiving the highest comment rate.

Post Length

Size matters. The longer your status message is, the more interaction you get.

Post Lifetime

Every status update receives the most interaction – around 50 percent – in the first hour of posting. 90 percent of the interaction will likely occur within nine hours. To keep your Page full of fresh post, be sure to post a new update once the previous post expires in terms of fan interaction.


The best thing to do for your Facebook Page is to monitor the results and study the data from Insights. Small changes to how you normally post can help you determine which technique is working and not.

Also, if you have found success and received a healthy interaction with fans, do not change your ways. Be consistent and only experiment again once fan interaction declines.


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