Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Letter of Dispute

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I can be so unlucky from time to time. One Saturday evening, I decided to treat my friends with some pizza after our badminton session. So we went to YellowCab Banilad.

I didn’t have any cash in me so I gave my UnionBank EON debit card instead. The cashier certainly took a lot of time to make the transaction. I even noticed that they kept swiping my card multiple times. When I inquired, they told me the swiping machine was not printing any receipt. I was starting to worry that something’s not right.

After a satisfying meal, we went back to our dormitory. Upon checking my debit account online, I saw to my horror that I’ve been charged twice! I immediately contacted my bank’s customer service. She told me to write a letter of dispute so they can examine the issue.

Okay, the next few weeks are probably then my fault. I was too busy to write a letter and I don’t have a fax machine. Weeks after, I decided to send the letter online instead. While I did send it, I figured it was already too late and I will just have to learn to let go of my Php1,250.

Anyway, here’s what I wrote as my letter of dispute:


July 16, 2012

Conan Hughes
University of San Carlos – Talamban
Cebu City, 6000
Account Number: 1**********8

UnionBank of the Philippines
Billing Inquiries
Pasig City, Philippines

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to dispute a mistaken debit attributed to my account in the amount of Php1250.00. I was debited twice for the same item that I ordered in YellowCab Banilad Cebu on June 23, 2012. I believe it was because the card swiping device didn’t issue a receipt during the first try that the store retried, hence the double debit. I already talked to the restaurant’s branch manager and she said the first transaction was voided by the bank. Nonetheless, the debit is still not refunded back to my account.

Please investigate this matter and correct the debit as soon as possible.

Conan Hughes

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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Top 13 FML Moments

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These small things in life occur a lot that some poor victims would even think of killing themselves on a regular basis.

1. Broken Pencil Tip

Broken Pencil Tip

You sharpened your pencil so carefully that it was so smooth and had a perfect point. But you can never expect when it will break…

2. Unavailable YouTube Videos

Unavailable YouTube Videos

If a video is only available in certain countries, why does YouTube bother listing it for us residing in other countries? Sheesh!

3. Creepy Crawly Surprise

Creepy Crawly Surprise

This is why I hate going into dark rooms. I cringe at the thought of touching the hairy back of a spider as I blindly find the light switch.

via AllLOL: Me and My New Bedroom

4. Too Comfortable in Bed

Too Comfortable to Get Up

I’m one of those people who can’t doze off the instant I lie in bed. I do all sorts of relaxing and not to think of anything. Naturally, I just hate the moment when my bladder demands answering the call of nature as I have to repeat my sleeping process over again…

5. Facebook Status

Facebook Status

Why the heck would people post status about them being sad and everything and not expect everyone else to be sympathetic? Keep your problems to yourself instead!

6. Peeling Off Skin Near Fingernails

Peeling Off Skin Near Fingernails

The comics above is obviously an exaggeration but the pain of peeling off dead skin that exposes live ones sure is annoyingly painful.

7. Big Male Plugs

Big Male Plugs

See that large electric plug to the right? I’m lucky that I only have one device using those or I would have to buy more extension cords.

8. Wire Stuck in Table Wheel

Wire Stuck in Table Wheel

And don’t forget about the wires! I long for a future where things get powered wirelessly.

9. Got Snagged in Door Handle

Got Snagged in Door Handle

That awkward moment when you’re running past a door and getting something caught on the handle. For example, your pant’s belt loop.

10. Not-So-Clean Paper Tear

Not So Clean Paper Tear

People with OCD can so relate to this.

11. Hands Can't Fit Inside the Pringles Can

Hands Can't Fit Inside the Pringles Can

Some people probably don’t know that gravity is their friend…

12. Movies as Book Covers

Movies as Book Covers

I even saw picture books that uses scenes from the movies. To be honest, nothing beats the unexplored world your imagination can think of as you read books the way their authors intended.

13. Large Cookie, Small Glass

Large Cookie, Small Glass

One good tip: don’t dip in warm milk. Your cookie, if you ever manage to fit it in the glass, will break in a matter of seconds.

Oh, and if you have no idea what FML means, it’s “f*ck my life.”

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Case of the Lost AdBrite Check


I’ve had just about enough of AdBrite. Two years it took me to earn the minimum check amount (yes, my blog doesn’t yet have that much traffic) and by March 2012 I was delighted to receive a payment notice email from the online advertising network that I thought was the best alternative to adSense. Clearly I was wrong.

As of this writing, it has already been four months since I received an email from AdBrite, with the subject “Your adBrite payment information.” And even now I still have no idea where my check currently is. I already have previous experience when it comes to international mails and deliveries, and I’m sure four months is more than enough delivery time from the US to my home country Philippines. Heck, the email even stated that non-U.S. addresses may take up to 21 business days only.

adBrite Email Check

On the bright side, I read this in the email:

Please note that that checks payable to you that are not cashed within 180 days from the date of issuance will be cancelled by us and will not be reissued.

So I suppose I have until September before my check is ultimately lost into thin air. But I’m not getting my hopes up anymore. I contacted adBrite support for an update. Sadly they don’t have the courtesy to send a reply back to me. Not even an automated one!

I shared my issue instead to people in a local online forum that I’ve been a member of for two years. One of them had a similar experience of missing checks. He suspected that his payment worth $400 was somehow stolen by postal office workers who buys checks and cash them out for a fee. I don’t know how they exactly do such crime, given that the check is addressed to the adBrite publisher’s name. Nonetheless, it may be possible.

All these bring me back to my previous point of giving up adBrite altogether. I still have earnings worth more than $50 that, with adBrite’s net-60 terms, is going to mature this coming September. I changed my address to my parent’s home address, hoping that the next check will safely arrive there. But if the story will still be the same, I have no choice but to discourage everyone from using adBrite as their blog’s main source of advertising revenue.

Instead, I suggest looking for a solution that pays out via the safer PayPal online payment service.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh You! – Meme History and Compilation

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For those who don’t know, “Oh you!” is a slang term reaction when someone makes a statement with either an aggressively self-assertive or clever tone. It has been recently used online as a retort. Since May 2012, the phrase was popularized by a web comics featuring a man and his dog.

Moving on to the meme, the phrase was originally captioned to an image of a man sporting a condescending look at something below him, with his hands on his hips. Origin unknown, the photo has been widely used on forums as of February 2006.

Original Oh You!

Six years later, a 2009 photo of a dog was paired with the reaction photo. This is actually my first encounter of the meme in some gag website that I can’t recall:

First Time Encounter of Oh You!

It didn’t take long before someone thought of pairing these two as if they were a comic duo in a sitcom. With a blue background and an Oh, You! caption positioned in the middle, the new photo is somewhat reminiscent of the Looney Tunes background used in Warner Bros.’ animated cartoon series.

If Oh You! Had A SitcomThat's All Folks!

While we can’t find an actual cheesy situation comedy of these two on TV,  there are quite a lot of web comics counterpart for everyone’s enjoyment.

The Best of the Oh, You! Dog Meme

Bitch Please

Bitches and Hoes

Confusing a Gay Man -- 7

Forgetful Oh You

Guy with Stolen Car - Carlos

Have you seen my updog

Knock Knock Cashew

Oh You! Knock Knock. Come In

Lady Gaga and Poker Face

Spotted Leopard

Yahoo and Google

Oh You! Vowels

Oh You and Friends

Meme Sources: AllLOL (1) and AllLOL (2)

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Diablo 3: Simplified Gearing Guide for Wizards

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Once players have reached Inferno difficulty on Diablo III, they’re bound to search for a guide that can help them survive the game and defeat the Lord of Terror for the fourth time. At least that’s what happened to me. Because, yes, the hardest difficulty is really hard. Anyway, this gearing guide lists which attributes/stats/properties/modifiers to emphasize for every equipment. The result? Top DPS and top survival.

Diablo 3 Wizard

Note: This guide is not intended for wizards using melee builds.

Gearing for Top DPS

These are the available attributes that contribute to DPS, listed in order of importance:

  1. Critical Hit Chance (Crit Chance)
  2. Critical Hit Damage (Crit Dmg)
  3. Increased Attack Speed (IAS)
  4. Intelligence (INT)

Equipment pieces with their highest possible Crit Chance:

  • Gloves (Hands): 10%
  • Amulet (Neck): 8.5%
  • Source (Off-Hand): 8.5%
  • Helm (Head): 6%
  • Bracers (Wrists): 6%
  • Rings (Finger): 4.5% per ring

Maxing out the Crit Chance in every piece will provide you a total of 48%, which means you’ll be landing critical hits almost every half of the time.

Equipment pieces with their highest possible added Crit Dmg:

  • Weapon (1-Hand): 200%

The weapon itself can only reach 100%. To double it, you must insert into its socket a Radiant Star Emerald.

  • Amulet (Neck): 65%
  • Gloves (Hands): 50%
  • Rings (Finger): 34% each

 Equipment pieces with their highest possible IAS:

  • Weapon (1-Hand): 11%
  • Rings (Finger): 9% per ring
  • Amulet (Neck): 9%
  • Gloves (Hands): 9%

Equipment pieces which contribute the most INT:

  • Every piece


Remember, Crit Chance > Crit Dmg > IAS > INT. Focus on reaching the limit of the most important attribute per equipment before proceeding to other attributes.

Given the listed maximum bonuses above, obtain equipment piece with the following modifier bonus combinations:

  • Weapon (1-Hand): Socketed + Crit Dmg
  • Amulet (Neck): Crit Chance + Crit Dmg
  • Gloves (Hands): Crit Chance + Crit Dmg (even better if with IAS)
  • Source (Off-Hand): Crit Chance + Crit Dmg
  • Rings (Finger): Crit Chance + IAS
  • Helm (Head): Crit Chance + INT
  • Bracers (Wrists): Crit Chance + INT

Gearing for Top Survival

You may have noticed that not all armor item types have been enumerated above such as boots and belt. These remaining equipment do not contribute a lot of damage bonuses (only the INT property is available) and are therefore better suited to increasing your defenses.

The attributes below contribute to defense. They are of equal importance because each of them strengthens your effective health.

  • Armor
  • All Resistance
  • Life (Vitality and Life %)

Equipment piece with the least DPS:

  • Chest Armor (Torso)
  • Pants (Legs)
  • Shoulders
  • Belt (Waist)
  • Boots (Feet)

How to reach max effective health without sacrificing DPS:

The ratio of Armor to All Resistance must be 10 to 1. For instance, if you have 2800 Armor, your All Resistance bonus should be 280.

As much as possible, obtain pieces that have sockets to place INT gems (topaz) into. The possible number of sockets per piece are:

  • Chest Armor: 3
  • Pants: 2

Boots must have increased movement speed of at least 10%. With it, you can outrun normal mobs and have a better fighting chance against elite monsters.


Maximize your defense with equipment pieces that contribute the least DPS.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

How to Stay Relevant in Social Media

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Social Media WebsitesThe digital world is all about social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) these days. Some people think that on the Internet, you can be anything you want to be. Wrong! That’s because so many people are choosing to be stupid. I’m sure you don’t want to be one. Become a relevant and important person on the Web by avoiding these social media mistakes.

All about me.

You cannot get everyone to listen and care for everything happening in your life if you fail to show concern towards other people’s lives yourself. When someone rolls out an opinion, be sure to acknowledge it through a comment or by liking it. Being social is all about active discussions, not a one-way speech done by one person.

No own perspective.

Be original and think for yourself. Sharing the latest news and trends to your audience without contributing your own opinion will not get you very far. Have something important to say to entice a thriving conversation.

Quality, not quantity.

Garnering a lot of followers is not important if their worth hardly has any significance. Rather, focus on getting good connections with other people whose quality contributions make them online celebrities. In regards with what you publish, ensure that every information you disseminate has an idea and value.

Too much information.

The world does not need to know of how smooth your bowel movement is. There are things in life that are meant to be private and must stay as such. Whatever you show to the social web is public, which is not suitable for most personal information such as relationship problems and trust issues.

During rough times.

Don’t expect that everyone agrees to every word you say. But instead of greedily standing by your perspective, have a conversation with the opposition that results in a win-win situation. In business, address any complaints made by customers and leave them satisfied and happy.

Lack of consistency.

Your presence must be constantly felt by your followers. Posting daily with a status or two is better than shoving lots of things to people in one day while doing nothing for the rest of the week.


Things you say on the web define you. Don’t be tempted to say things the lolspeak – using wrong grammar and spelling on purpose – way. You think it may come out as cute, but you will eventually lose your credibility as an intelligent person.


Social media has largely affected interactions between friends and families. People are no longer limited to mingling with just the local neighborhood and workplace. The whole world is out there, easily reachable thanks to the Internet. With possibly millions of users watching every step you make online, following the standard netiquette and keeping up with the trends guarantee your success as a remarkable identity on the Internet.