Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Letter of Dispute

I can be so unlucky from time to time. One Saturday evening, I decided to treat my friends with some pizza after our badminton session. So we went to YellowCab Banilad.

I didn’t have any cash in me so I gave my UnionBank EON debit card instead. The cashier certainly took a lot of time to make the transaction. I even noticed that they kept swiping my card multiple times. When I inquired, they told me the swiping machine was not printing any receipt. I was starting to worry that something’s not right.

After a satisfying meal, we went back to our dormitory. Upon checking my debit account online, I saw to my horror that I’ve been charged twice! I immediately contacted my bank’s customer service. She told me to write a letter of dispute so they can examine the issue.

Okay, the next few weeks are probably then my fault. I was too busy to write a letter and I don’t have a fax machine. Weeks after, I decided to send the letter online instead. While I did send it, I figured it was already too late and I will just have to learn to let go of my Php1,250.

Anyway, here’s what I wrote as my letter of dispute:


July 16, 2012

Conan Hughes
University of San Carlos – Talamban
Cebu City, 6000
Account Number: 1**********8

UnionBank of the Philippines
Billing Inquiries
Pasig City, Philippines

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to dispute a mistaken debit attributed to my account in the amount of Php1250.00. I was debited twice for the same item that I ordered in YellowCab Banilad Cebu on June 23, 2012. I believe it was because the card swiping device didn’t issue a receipt during the first try that the store retried, hence the double debit. I already talked to the restaurant’s branch manager and she said the first transaction was voided by the bank. Nonetheless, the debit is still not refunded back to my account.

Please investigate this matter and correct the debit as soon as possible.

Conan Hughes

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