Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh You! – Meme History and Compilation

For those who don’t know, “Oh you!” is a slang term reaction when someone makes a statement with either an aggressively self-assertive or clever tone. It has been recently used online as a retort. Since May 2012, the phrase was popularized by a web comics featuring a man and his dog.

Moving on to the meme, the phrase was originally captioned to an image of a man sporting a condescending look at something below him, with his hands on his hips. Origin unknown, the photo has been widely used on forums as of February 2006.

Original Oh You!

Six years later, a 2009 photo of a dog was paired with the reaction photo. This is actually my first encounter of the meme in some gag website that I can’t recall:

First Time Encounter of Oh You!

It didn’t take long before someone thought of pairing these two as if they were a comic duo in a sitcom. With a blue background and an Oh, You! caption positioned in the middle, the new photo is somewhat reminiscent of the Looney Tunes background used in Warner Bros.’ animated cartoon series.

If Oh You! Had A SitcomThat's All Folks!

While we can’t find an actual cheesy situation comedy of these two on TV,  there are quite a lot of web comics counterpart for everyone’s enjoyment.

The Best of the Oh, You! Dog Meme

Bitch Please

Bitches and Hoes

Confusing a Gay Man -- 7

Forgetful Oh You

Guy with Stolen Car - Carlos

Have you seen my updog

Knock Knock Cashew

Oh You! Knock Knock. Come In

Lady Gaga and Poker Face

Spotted Leopard

Yahoo and Google

Oh You! Vowels

Oh You and Friends

Meme Sources: AllLOL (1) and AllLOL (2)

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