Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Case of the Lost AdBrite Check

I’ve had just about enough of AdBrite. Two years it took me to earn the minimum check amount (yes, my blog doesn’t yet have that much traffic) and by March 2012 I was delighted to receive a payment notice email from the online advertising network that I thought was the best alternative to adSense. Clearly I was wrong.

As of this writing, it has already been four months since I received an email from AdBrite, with the subject “Your adBrite payment information.” And even now I still have no idea where my check currently is. I already have previous experience when it comes to international mails and deliveries, and I’m sure four months is more than enough delivery time from the US to my home country Philippines. Heck, the email even stated that non-U.S. addresses may take up to 21 business days only.

adBrite Email Check

On the bright side, I read this in the email:

Please note that that checks payable to you that are not cashed within 180 days from the date of issuance will be cancelled by us and will not be reissued.

So I suppose I have until September before my check is ultimately lost into thin air. But I’m not getting my hopes up anymore. I contacted adBrite support for an update. Sadly they don’t have the courtesy to send a reply back to me. Not even an automated one!

I shared my issue instead to people in a local online forum that I’ve been a member of for two years. One of them had a similar experience of missing checks. He suspected that his payment worth $400 was somehow stolen by postal office workers who buys checks and cash them out for a fee. I don’t know how they exactly do such crime, given that the check is addressed to the adBrite publisher’s name. Nonetheless, it may be possible.

All these bring me back to my previous point of giving up adBrite altogether. I still have earnings worth more than $50 that, with adBrite’s net-60 terms, is going to mature this coming September. I changed my address to my parent’s home address, hoping that the next check will safely arrive there. But if the story will still be the same, I have no choice but to discourage everyone from using adBrite as their blog’s main source of advertising revenue.

Instead, I suggest looking for a solution that pays out via the safer PayPal online payment service.

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  1. Hi Conan, this is Pamela from Infolinks. I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with receiving your check. I wanted to inform you that Infolinks has several different payout options, including PayPal. Check us out, we have the highest paying rates in the industry.

    Happy blogging!
    Pamela :)

    1. Infolinks looks interesting. I'll try it out sometime.


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