Saturday, August 11, 2012

Is Plants versus Zombies 2 Out?

Yes, another PvZ game is coming out this year, but not the sequel you want. Actually, since the first game launched, developer PopCap Games have sent out a lot of game teasers which merely revealed availability of the original Plants vs Zombies game in other platforms (Xbox 360, Chrome, etc.) and not the much-awaited sequel. Still, I have my fingers crossed for a PvZ 2 release soon. And by soon, I mean between 2011 and 2020. We waited for more than a decade for Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2, so why not this too?

So what’s the latest thing PopCap has for its zombie fanatics? Drum roll please…

PvZ Presents Talking Zombatar

It’s PvZ Presents: Talking Zombatar! I repeat, this is not the pseudo-tower defense game you’ve all been waiting for. This is just another potential cash cow for the game dev while they are still brainstorming as to how to make the true sequel a refreshing experience. Seriously, does it take that long?

Talking Zombatar

Anyway, this app for the iOS/Android lets you have your very own pet zombie. And really, who doesn’t want a pet zombie? I’m sure everyone loves an undead chained in their backyard constantly gnawing and gnashing, with the occasional groans of “Zombie kill… Zombie hungry for brains…”

The Zombatar minions, however, are 3D zombie characters that you can interact with a la Tamagotchi. You have a variety of shirts, pants, hair, and shoes to dress up your pet. There are also facial features and cool dance steps to boot. After you’re done pampering your pet, you can then show him off at social networks by adding him on your own pics and vids, complete with animation.

To make it feel like an actual game (it’s really not), you can interact with your pet. Poke the mindless creature with your finger and he’ll react in a jerking way. You can even talk to him and he’ll repeat what you just said in a Zombie-ish speech.

PvZ Presents: Talking Zombatar

And lastly, just like the wait with Plants versus Zombies 2, you’ll have to hang on until later this year for this app’s release. It will be free, except for the in-app purchases you’ll have to make to get the coolest outfit for your zombie. They deserve the best, don’t they?

PopCap LogoRead PopCap’s press release here.


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