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Top 21 Horrors that Torture Gamers

Warning: If you’re a gamer, you might freak out like this dude after checking the list below. Seriously, this is not for the faint of heart.

The Tortured Gamer


Top 21 Horrors that Torture Gamers or Things that Gamers Hate:


Red Ring of Death

1. Red Ring of Death

Owners fear that the ticking time bomb that is their Xbox 360 is going to go off any moment. The problem is especially prevalent in the original shipment of the console.


Hackers Exploiters Cheaters

2. Hackers / Exploiters

I’ve seen World of Warcraft players flying (or actually swimming in mid-air) in situations the game did not intend. This abnormality is obviously caused by some in-game bugs that hackers won’t hesitate to exploit.


Noobs Who Think They’re Pro

3. Cheating Noobs Who Think They’re Pro

Remember all those dudes who finished the game before you, bragging how they had done it in just a few hours? They probably cheated.


Poorly Translated Video Games

4. Poorly Translated Video Games

Some incorrect translations generate a laugh or two. But if it’s consistent all throughout the game, then disappointment awaits. 60 bucks down the drain.


Accessories that Costs More Money

5. Accessories that Costs Additional Money

This is how console makers are raking in huge money from its customers. They couldn’t just bundle these peripherals with the console itself. Consider the Nintendo 3DS as a fine example. In the same year of its release, it introduced the Circle Pad Pro add-on that adds a second analog joystick along with more shoulder buttons. The following year, they announced the new 3DS model – XL – which, guess what, does not come with a built-in Circle Pad Pro. Worse, the bigger model is not even compatible with the old add-on, which means you are forced to buy the upcoming XL sized version.


Favorite Games Made Into Crappy Movies

6. Favorite Games Made Into Crappy Movies

Think of Uwe Boll and many of his films that are based on video game franchises. ‘Nuff said.


Delayed Release Dates

7. Delayed Release Dates

Let’s just hope that that those delays aren’t indefinite for our high-anticipated video games, or we might be seeing some vaporware.


Low on Battery

8. Low on Battery

This is just as intense as fighting the boss in a horror game or running away from a zombie mob. When battery runs low, you’re left with a few moments to find a save point or else you’ll be rolling back to the last checkpoint that you reached possibly a long time ago.


Multiple Iterations of Consoles

9. Multiple Iterations of Consoles

Just like with add-on accessories, Nintendo does not hesitate to shove more models of the same console down our throats.


Lag Jesus

10. Lag

Everyone hates lag, no arguments about that. And don’t forget the constant Internet connection that some games require, even if you’re in the single-player mode!


Online Players with the Same Name

11. Online Players with the Same Name as You

That annoying moment of stumbling upon another player who uses the same username as you.


Rage Quitters

12. Quitters

It’s fun to make people quit out of rage, but not when it causes you to lose the match.


So Many Wires

13. So Many Wires

I long for a future where things get powered wirelessly. In the meantime, fuck this life!


Downloadable Contents

14. Downloadable Contents

It’s sad to see how the gaming world is losing its genuine creativity. Video game expansions used to offer original content. These days, we have DLC’s that charge a couple of bucks just so we’re given a few more guns in a shooter game.


Trash Talkers

15. Trashtalkers

It’s kinda nice if the world is really small and you can just go next door and physically intimidate those who called you noob. But in reality, you just have to endure trash talks.


Corrupt Save Game File

16. Corrupt Saved Game File

Yes, you need to start from the beginning.


Price Stickers on Game Boxes

17. Price Stickers on Game Boxes

Collectors do not want this, I’m sure.


Bent Discs

18. Bent Game Discs

This is why you shouldn’t keep discs lying around. Some big butts, yours included, might unknowingly sit on them.


Painfully Slow Loading Screens

19. Painfully Slow Loading Screens

I had the annoying experience of waiting for the loading screen to finish. When it did, the multiplayer game was already over.


Invisible Walls

20. Invisible Walls

Those roads that lead to more locations but you can’t walk across… What’s up with that? Is it too hard for game developers to add some obstacles like rocks or a visible wall?


Game Over

21. Game Over

That sad moment when you have to go back to reality…


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