Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Which type of moviegoer are you?

Every time you go to a cinema, I am sure you will encounter a particular kind of movie viewer. While each persona has its own ups and downs, most of the time you will come out annoyed and not satisfied when the movie ends. It won’t hurt to know which type of moviegoer you are either, just so you realize how you’ve annoyed other movie fans as well.

The Silent

The Silent

… need absolute silence during the entirety of the film and will go “Shhh!” fiercely on any sort of noise. Any interaction with them is immediately responded with an intense stare.

The Emotional

The Emotional

… constantly cry throughout the whole movie. Even the opening sequence  of the movie studio logo will cause them to burst into tears. Always have a tissue ready to hand out to them. At least that will muffle the noise of their incessant nose blowing.

The DisturbersThe Disturbers

… did not come to see the movie but just to loiter around and annoy other people within earshot. Their nonstop annoyance ranges from loud talking on the phone, throwing popcorns, to aiming laser pointers at the movie screen.

The PsychicThe Psychics

… have not seen the movie ever since but can already predict the ending early in the movie. Their guesses can be very accurate to the point that it ruins the surprise. They won’t hesitate to brag that, yeah, they’re just that cool.

The Damsel in Distress

The Damsels in Distress

… unleash piercing banshee screams in horror movies that make your hair stand on end. Any scene in the movie becomes scary every time they shriek.

The Giant

The Giants

… are virtually harmless creatures except to the people sitting right behind them. Those unlucky fellows have no choice but to watch the movie, with half of the screen blocked from view by the Giants.

The Hyena

The Hyenas

… easily get amused, heartily laughing at every scene. The hysterical laughter is so contagious that you can’t help but laugh as well, even at scenes where you’re supposed to cry or be serious.

The Self-Proclaimed Critic

The Self-Proclaimed Critic

… does not hold back from voicing out their opinion regarding every scene of the movie, especially the bad parts. You’d want to avoid them as much as possible unless you want to feel like you’re watching with the director’s comments turned on.

The Seemingly Satisfied

The Seemingly-Satisfied

… behaves normally during and after the movie, because he has no fucking idea what the movie was saying.

Did I forget a kind of moviegoer? Let me know in the comments!

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