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World of Warcraft – How to Reach Max Level Fast

So that your character can level up requires certain experience points (XP or EXP) thresholds. As you progress to higher levels, the more XP is needed. A variety of things in World of Warcraft will let you gain experience. For instance, you can kill mobs, discover new areas, mine ores, gather herbs, and completing quests.

There is not a single method that guarantees reaching the maximum level within the shortest possible amount of time. Actually, it is a combination of those actions I mentioned above (among others) that constitute what people are calling “power-leveling.”

A QuestgiverHere are ways to help you quickly level all the way to max:


Rewarding you with arguably the most experience points, quests are intended to guide you along the story of the World of Warcraft. Item rewards are also given from time to time, letting you improve your character’s stats and ultimately boost your chances of surviving the challenges that the game throws at you.

Random Dungeons

Available starting at level 15, you can find a group for random dungeons via Dungeon Finder. This lets you earn extra XP, not to mention a random rare item, once you take out the last boss.  This bonus reward combo is only obtainable up to seven times every week, so you can either claim it all in one day or spread it out throughout the week to avoid monotony. Additionally, NPCs near the dungeon entrance may send you for a couple of dungeon quests that, while more challenging, reward further XP. For the smoothest sailing, have a group with friends who are easy to coordinate with before enlisting for a random dungeon.

Recruit a Friend

If you have encouraged a friend to try out World of Warcraft via Recruit a Friend, his game characters can group up with yours in order to receive experience points thrice the normal rate when killing monsters and turning in quests at the same time.

Rested XP

Sooner or later, you will have to leave the game and get back to reality for some sleep and whatnot. But instead of immediately closing the game, lead your character to thrice nearest inn or capital city first. This way, they will also be able to rest and gradually earn rested XP. When you log back in, you can gain double experience as you kill mobs until your rested XP is fully consumed.


Power-leveling secondary toons (once your main and/or first character has reached max level) is easier when you equip them with heirlooms – equipment that are bought using honor points and/or gold and are usable for all characters in one account. As much as 40% overall bonus experience is attainable when wearing multiple heirlooms.

Heirloom Tooltip

First Aid

Classes who don’t have innate healing spells should learn the First Aid profession. Bandages recover life faster than the HP regeneration gained through eating. The precious seconds you save are better spent for leveling your character.


World of Warcraft used to be like other MMORPGs, insisting players to grind in order to level up. A tedious process of repeatedly killing mobs over long periods of time, grinding does not offer the fun you’re supposed to have in the game.

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