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Drunken Stupor

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Fall 65 yards without dying while completely smashed during the Brewfest Holiday.

Achievement Location

The feat of falling can be performed anywhere to get achievement credit as long as the Brewfest event is still ongoing.

Drunken Stupor Achievement

WoW Achievement Guide

The strategy to do this is similar to the achievement “Going Down?”, with the sole difference of being drunk of the highest degree (or, in WoW terminology, being completely smashed) as you attempt to fall 65 yards without literally getting smashed on the ground like a tomato.

Completing this is fairly easy when using a flying mount. All you need to do is fly, take note of the size of your mount’s shadow, then dismount and fall. If at that particular height you did not get the achievement, just replenish the life lost from fall damage, fly again but this time a little higher. To determine this, just make sure the shadow your mount is making is smaller than before. If, on the other hand, you died on the first attempt, obviously you need to fall down at a lower height, which means the shadow casted this time must be bigger than before.

Other Notes

You must fall on hard ground. Falling into water does not count.

If you attempted at a fatal height and died, your inebriation goes away and you must be completely smashed again to get the achievement.

As a substitute to getting really drunk, the Synthebrew Goggles – an ocular device simulates the effect of alcohol. It is handed out by Goldark Snipehunter (or Glodrak Huntsniper for the Horde) at the Brewfest camp. Removing the simulated intoxication is simply done by unequipping the googles.

Mage Tips

Just use Slow Fall so you don’t die from fall damage. Be sure to cast it before flying and falling down, as casting it while falling strangely does not count towards getting the achievement. This is apparently because WoW checks for the distance and any change of speed while falling (except acceleration due to gravity).

Alternatively, you can also use Ice Block midair to avoid damage upon landing.

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Strange Brew

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Drink the Brewfest beers listed below.

- Barleybrew Clear
- Barleybrew Dark
- Barleybrew Light
- Gordok Grog
- Mudder’s Milk
- Ogre Mead
- Thunder 45
- Thunderbrew Ale
- Thunderbrew Stout

Achievement Location

Besides the food being sold at tents, three rival breweries – the Barleybrews, Thunderbrews, and Gordok brewers – are brandishing booze at the Brewfest camp outside Alliance capital cities.

Barleybrew Brewers

Gordok Brewers

Thunderbrew Brewers

WoW Achievement Guide

Every three of the nine beers in the list above are sold separately by the three drinks vendors. The names of most beer can already tell you which beer brewer you can buy them from.

Each beer have a different character level requirement, ranging from 1 to 65. They also require Brewfest to be ongoing, you cannot get the achievement by leveling up first to the required levels and drinking them later post-Brewfest. The beers actually disappear from your inventory!

Other Notes

While the aforementioned vendors camped at Ironforge are the most convenient to buy the beers from during Brewfest (because most other achievements are done there), there are also other vendors selling them in other capital cities.

Most beer, if not all, give a “well fed” buff when you keep drinking each of them for more than 10 seconds. This, however, is not necessary to get the achievement.

The Horde version of the achievement requires a different set of booze to drink:

- Brewdoo Magic
- Gordok Grog
- Jungle River Water
- Long Stride Brew
- Mudder’s Milk
- Ogre Mead
- Path of Brew
- Small Step Brew
- Stout Shrunken Head

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Down with the Dark Iron

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Dark Iron GuzzlerDefend the Brewfest Camp from the Dark Iron attack and complete the quest. “This One Time, When I Was Drunk…”

Achievement Location

To the southwest mountain base of Ironforge, breweries and partakers set up camp to celebrate the annual Brewfest. While the event organizer promises it to be the perfect holiday, Dark Iron dwarves occasionally – every 30 minutes for 5 minutes – “attack” the free brew being dispensed for everyone. They arrive from the underground through their large drilling machines.

Down with the Dark Iron Location

WoW Achievement Guide

When the attack is in motion:

Complimentary Brewfest Sampler Drink a Complimentary Brewfest Sampler on the table. This gives you an item of the same name in your inventory. While aiming at an invading Dark Iron Guzzler, right-click on the item to throw it at them. (It’d be faster doing this by assigning the item to an action button. Or even better, create a targeting macro!) Nearby NPC’s will throw you more mugs for you to hit the enemy dwarves with.

There are big mugs that randomly appear on the ground that grants you a “whirlwind effect” to stop more drunken invaders.

If the invaders fails to destroy all the kegs, they will retreat and leave behind a big cog on the ground. Interacting with it gives you the quest “This One Time, When I Was Drunk…”

Personal Note

How I got the achievement was a rather fortunate albeit boring one. I happened to arrive at the festival grounds after the attack has already been thwarted. All that was left was the big cog lying there with a big quest marker above it. While an easier option, I suggest participating in the defense. It’s a fun one!

Other Notes

While the invasion happens a lot in a single day, the cog that is left behind can only be looted for Brewfest Prize Tokens every 12 hours.

A good deal of players are needed to successfully defend the booze. Encourage other players nearby to not just spectate the attack but actively throw mugs at the Dark Iron dwarves as well.

If possible, do not lose any of the three kegs to the dwarves. With one lost, for instance, the remaining two will be swarmed by more dwarves.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

And the Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor

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Angry Little SquirrelHelp each of the following critters get revenge on the mean old fire elementals.

- Angry Little Squirrel
- Alpine Songbird
- Hyjal Bear Cub
- Child of Tortolla

Achievement Location

All four critters inhabit the light forest called The Regrowth to the west of the Grove of Aessina, Hyjal. The angry little squirrels are scattered all throughout the forest, standing at rocks and trees. They can be hard to spot from afar and are not targetable. On the other hand, the alpine songbirds fly closely around the trees while the bigger flock of birds roam more freely. To the north are where the bear cubs can be found, supposedly stuck at the treetops as a couple of Cerberus-inspired twin headed core hounds await at the ground. Lastly, the little turtles are being bullied by the skeletal flame terrors down south, near the lake.

And the Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor Achievement Location

WoW Achievement Guide

Angry Little Squirrel

Despite being the smallest of all four, these tree rodents are the most aggressive. They do not hesitate in throwing nuts at any fire elemental passing nearby. As you do not have any direct control over their actions, all you have to do is pull/aggro an elemental close to the squirrels and wait for them to lob a nut. As soon as it hits, you shall hear a “bonk” sound. This indicates that you just got the sub-achievement credit.

Alpine Songbird

Alpine SongbirdOne of the dailies in the Firelands Invasion story is the Wings Aflame quest, unlocked right after completing its prerequisite Call the Flock. The former will task you to summon the avian creature of flame known as Millagazor. To get credit, you just damage her down until she decides to escape. When this happens, a flock of birds (that you saved in the Call the Flock quest) will join the fight. Let them deal the final blow; do not slay her yourself.

Hyjal Bear Cub

The Those Bears Up There daily quest would have you rescue those poor cubs stuck in the trees. But instead of throwing them to safety via the trampoline, hurl one at one of the core hounds instead. It’s easier to do if you aim at one who is currently sleeping. If successful, the hound runs away startled.

Hyjal Bear Cub

Child of Tortolla

The daily quest Punting Season would have you kick those bullied little turtles into the water body nearby. To complete the sub-achievement, successfully punt one at a flame terror instead, which dies when hit.

Child of Tortolla

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Monday, September 24, 2012

I Salute His Bravery

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Male Pageant Fail

So brave…


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Stay on the trampoline in the Whistling Grove in Mount Hyjal for 20 consecutive bounces.

WoW Bounce Achievement

Achievement Location

As mentioned in the description, the trampoline is located at the Whistling Grove, an area with thinly spread trees to the west of the Grove of Aessina, Hyjal. You can easily spot the trampoline from higher ground as it is made of a light brown pelt – possibly that of a bear – stretched tightly on three wooden poles.

WoW Bounce Achievement Location

WoW Achievement Guide

When you try it the first time, it would look like you’d be jumping uncontrollably. Actually, you just have to use your mouse to turn your character towards the center of the trampoline really fast and then press your move-forward button (W by default) in order to stay at the center as close as possible.

If you unfortunately land near the edge, don’t fret; you have a grace period, albeit small, to walk back in the middle without your bounce counter going back to 0. By the way, you can track the progress of your bounce by tracking the achievement. Also, each successful jump is followed by a small blast of dusts.


Kill any nearby Brimstone Hound. When close enough, they will attack you and disturb your bouncing attempts.

Brown ElekkSome players – including myself – have learned that it’s easier to perform this feat when riding a mount. After all, your speed is increased when mounted. Also, use a big mount such as elekks so you’ll land and cover a bigger area of the trampoline. Flying mounts are not practical here as you’d float midair right before when you’re supposed to land.

The height of each bounce is random, so stay alert for high bounces.

Mage Tips

Slow Fall does not work here. It may reduce your fall speed and avoid any fall damage (non-fatal each bounce), but it won’t let you control your movement in the air. With it you cannot land back to the trampoline center.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Every Man for Himself

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No Man Left Behind

If ever a zombie outbreak does happen, what would you do?

via No Man Left Behind

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World of Warcraft Auction House Gold Guide

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To begin this post, let me just say there are so many premium guides out there trying to make real money from you for teaching you how to earn gold in World of Warcraft. What makes them different from free guides? Almost nothing. Multiplying your character’s gold a thousandfold is actually trivial and doesn’t take a genius. It only requires a little bit of common sense and basic understanding of economics, hence the simple yet proven effective tips I’ve listed below.

Why only 11,000 in one month?

World of Warcraft Auction House Gold Guide

Before we proceed to my WoW gold tactics, to the right is the fruit of my labor after one month of investing in the AH.

I know it may not be that much and I’ve a couple of reasons:

  • I don’t want to consume all of WoW time on earning gold. There’s so much more to enjoy elsewhere!
  • There’s no point of getting more gold if you’ve already bought every luxurious thing in this virtual world.
  • I don’t want to participate in illegal gold for real cash opportunities. I’ll just wait for Blizzard to make its official real money auction house that offers gold to real money conversion.

Focus only on the AH. No need to explore and farm for items.

Like I said, I don’t want to spend all my WoW time just earning gold. I don’t want that to happen to you too. Things like farming items take a couple of hours whereas staying at the capital city and only visiting three points of interest – the auction house, mailbox, and your profession trainer’s location – only take less than hour. Nonetheless, the latter will return higher gold income most of the time! This is one reason I don’t have Herbalism anymore to partner with my Inscription. I replaced it with Enchanting – a known profitable profession.

Use an auction house add-on.

Don’t hesitate in installing an AH addon. It will help a lot, since the default auction house interface is geared for spending and not earning.

World of Warcraft Auctionator Addon

I personally use the Auctionator module. It’s fairly simple and its learning curve is short. With it you can check all the prices for each item and sort them from cheapest to the most expensive. It also records the days you sold an item, accompanied by their respective prices. Similarly, and if you perform a full scan everyday, Auctionator also list down the daily cheapest price for an item, regardless of who was selling it at the time. The only downside to this addon is that it cannot track at which price your item has been successfully sold for.

Buy low. Sell high.

This is pretty straightforward. You don’t get profit if you spend more than you save. If you have determined a crafted item to be particularly in-demand and is selling well, make sure the price your selling it for is higher than the total cost you spent crafting it. Hence, if its materials or ingredients have ridiculously high prices in the AH, you won’t be able to undercut the competition. What you need to do in this case is to patiently wait for the prices of materials to go down. In time, it certainly will. Just visit the auction house often and buy them cheaply before someone else can.

The same thing goes to reselling the same item. Buy it cheap then resell it at a higher price.

Sell in smaller amounts.

To conserve space in your bags, most items in World of Warcraft can be stacked. Many items are stacked in 20s, whereas some can even go up to 200. If you are selling an item that you have in great numbers, sell it in stacks of 2 or 3. Some buyers tend to have low amount of gold and can therefore only afford smaller prices, even though the actual individual price is expensive.

For instance, I’m selling my Hypnotic Dust for 8g a piece. That’s 16g in stacks of 2. My competition usually offers the item at a more tempting price at 4gold a piece but sell them in stacks of 20. That corresponds to 80g! In some cases, buyers would prefer my supposedly cheaper offer since they probably only need 2 Hypnotic Dusts instead of 20.

Bid if buyout price is high.

Similar to buying low and selling high, don’t be tempted to buy an item at unreasonably high prices. Oftentimes, it’s preferable to bid instead.

You can even participate in the auction house even while you’re not playing World of Warcraft by using the now-free WoW Remote app. With it you can outbid someone at the last moment without logging on to the game.

Make use of professions.

As each character can only learn up to two professions, they cannot craft an item that is exclusive to a profession that they chose to bypass over another. Most likely they will resort to buying said item from the auction house. For example, a miner-blacksmith cannot create his own Inscriptions to improve his spells/skills. That’s how inscribers can make money off him.

By applying the tips before, you just need to find out which craft item that is exclusive to your profession has a high demand and then sell it at a good price.

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