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And the Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor

Angry Little SquirrelHelp each of the following critters get revenge on the mean old fire elementals.

- Angry Little Squirrel
- Alpine Songbird
- Hyjal Bear Cub
- Child of Tortolla

Achievement Location

All four critters inhabit the light forest called The Regrowth to the west of the Grove of Aessina, Hyjal. The angry little squirrels are scattered all throughout the forest, standing at rocks and trees. They can be hard to spot from afar and are not targetable. On the other hand, the alpine songbirds fly closely around the trees while the bigger flock of birds roam more freely. To the north are where the bear cubs can be found, supposedly stuck at the treetops as a couple of Cerberus-inspired twin headed core hounds await at the ground. Lastly, the little turtles are being bullied by the skeletal flame terrors down south, near the lake.

And the Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor Achievement Location

WoW Achievement Guide

Angry Little Squirrel

Despite being the smallest of all four, these tree rodents are the most aggressive. They do not hesitate in throwing nuts at any fire elemental passing nearby. As you do not have any direct control over their actions, all you have to do is pull/aggro an elemental close to the squirrels and wait for them to lob a nut. As soon as it hits, you shall hear a “bonk” sound. This indicates that you just got the sub-achievement credit.

Alpine Songbird

Alpine SongbirdOne of the dailies in the Firelands Invasion story is the Wings Aflame quest, unlocked right after completing its prerequisite Call the Flock. The former will task you to summon the avian creature of flame known as Millagazor. To get credit, you just damage her down until she decides to escape. When this happens, a flock of birds (that you saved in the Call the Flock quest) will join the fight. Let them deal the final blow; do not slay her yourself.

Hyjal Bear Cub

The Those Bears Up There daily quest would have you rescue those poor cubs stuck in the trees. But instead of throwing them to safety via the trampoline, hurl one at one of the core hounds instead. It’s easier to do if you aim at one who is currently sleeping. If successful, the hound runs away startled.

Hyjal Bear Cub

Child of Tortolla

The daily quest Punting Season would have you kick those bullied little turtles into the water body nearby. To complete the sub-achievement, successfully punt one at a flame terror instead, which dies when hit.

Child of Tortolla

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