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Drunken Stupor

Fall 65 yards without dying while completely smashed during the Brewfest Holiday.

Achievement Location

The feat of falling can be performed anywhere to get achievement credit as long as the Brewfest event is still ongoing.

Drunken Stupor Achievement

WoW Achievement Guide

The strategy to do this is similar to the achievement “Going Down?”, with the sole difference of being drunk of the highest degree (or, in WoW terminology, being completely smashed) as you attempt to fall 65 yards without literally getting smashed on the ground like a tomato.

Completing this is fairly easy when using a flying mount. All you need to do is fly, take note of the size of your mount’s shadow, then dismount and fall. If at that particular height you did not get the achievement, just replenish the life lost from fall damage, fly again but this time a little higher. To determine this, just make sure the shadow your mount is making is smaller than before. If, on the other hand, you died on the first attempt, obviously you need to fall down at a lower height, which means the shadow casted this time must be bigger than before.

Other Notes

You must fall on hard ground. Falling into water does not count.

If you attempted at a fatal height and died, your inebriation goes away and you must be completely smashed again to get the achievement.

As a substitute to getting really drunk, the Synthebrew Goggles – an ocular device simulates the effect of alcohol. It is handed out by Goldark Snipehunter (or Glodrak Huntsniper for the Horde) at the Brewfest camp. Removing the simulated intoxication is simply done by unequipping the googles.

Mage Tips

Just use Slow Fall so you don’t die from fall damage. Be sure to cast it before flying and falling down, as casting it while falling strangely does not count towards getting the achievement. This is apparently because WoW checks for the distance and any change of speed while falling (except acceleration due to gravity).

Alternatively, you can also use Ice Block midair to avoid damage upon landing.

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