Saturday, September 29, 2012

Strange Brew

Drink the Brewfest beers listed below.

- Barleybrew Clear
- Barleybrew Dark
- Barleybrew Light
- Gordok Grog
- Mudder’s Milk
- Ogre Mead
- Thunder 45
- Thunderbrew Ale
- Thunderbrew Stout

Achievement Location

Besides the food being sold at tents, three rival breweries – the Barleybrews, Thunderbrews, and Gordok brewers – are brandishing booze at the Brewfest camp outside Alliance capital cities.

Barleybrew Brewers

Gordok Brewers

Thunderbrew Brewers

WoW Achievement Guide

Every three of the nine beers in the list above are sold separately by the three drinks vendors. The names of most beer can already tell you which beer brewer you can buy them from.

Each beer have a different character level requirement, ranging from 1 to 65. They also require Brewfest to be ongoing, you cannot get the achievement by leveling up first to the required levels and drinking them later post-Brewfest. The beers actually disappear from your inventory!

Other Notes

While the aforementioned vendors camped at Ironforge are the most convenient to buy the beers from during Brewfest (because most other achievements are done there), there are also other vendors selling them in other capital cities.

Most beer, if not all, give a “well fed” buff when you keep drinking each of them for more than 10 seconds. This, however, is not necessary to get the achievement.

The Horde version of the achievement requires a different set of booze to drink:

- Brewdoo Magic
- Gordok Grog
- Jungle River Water
- Long Stride Brew
- Mudder’s Milk
- Ogre Mead
- Path of Brew
- Small Step Brew
- Stout Shrunken Head

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