Saturday, October 13, 2012

Brew of the Month

Join the Brew of the Month club.

Brew of the Month Club Membership Form

Brew of the Month Club Membership QuestAchievement Location

Applying for membership is done by exchanging 200 Brewfest Prize Tokens for the membership form to Belbi Quikswitch (Alliance) or Blix Fixwidget (Horde). These two token redeemers can be found at their respective Brewfest camps outside Ironforge and Orgrimmar. The form is actually an item that starts the Brew of the Month quest, which asks you to deliver your form to Ironforge or Orgrimmar. Upon completion of quest, you become a certified BOTM member and get the achievement.

WoW Achievement Guide

Brew of the Month is perhaps the longest to get among the Brewfest achievements. Without spending for other prizes, it would take a couple of days to acquire the required 200 tokens to buy the membership form.

Finishing the normal quests for Brewfest should give you around 100 tokens. To get a hundred more needs repeating daily quests for a few days:

  • Up to 40 tokens can be rewarded if you are able to efficiently deliver, i.e., well under 40 seconds for each round trip, the kegs during the daily run.
  • Advertising for a brew vendor by yelling at different locations around Ironforge or Orgrimmar gives you 15 tokens every day.
  • Successfully repelling the Dark Iron dwarves disruption of Brewfest rewards 10 tokens every 12 hours.
  • The 5-man Coren Direbrew encounter rewards each player a Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest that usually drops more than 10 tokens. The treasure chest is only awarded once per day.

Other Notes

Membership for the BOTM club is renewed every year. So if you have been a member before but has not obtained the achievement yet, you will need to apply again.

If you have spent your tokens for the full Brewfest Garb outfit, you CANNOT get a refund from the token redeemers. FYI, the outfit is worn while dancing in Dalaran in order to get the Disturb the Peace achievement.

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