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Listen to the Drunk Fish

Harvest each of the following vegetables on a high-forecast day.

- Juicycrunch Carrot
- Scallions
- Red Blossom Leek
- White Turnip
- Green Cabbage
- Mogu Pumpkin
- Pink Turnip

Achievement Location

Jogu the Drunk

To determine which vegetable yields more than usual (i.e., 2 more items of the crop than the usual 5) when harvested the next day, you will need to ask Jogu the Drunk for “word on tomorrow’s crops”.

Unlike most other members of The Tillers, the “drunk fish” can be always found at The Halfhill Market, sitting by the pond that is riddled with remains of eaten fish. The weird thing is that Jogu is a Jinyu, a race of fish-like humanoids native to Pandaria.

Becoming best friends with Jogu will make him sit by the pond near your farm.

Listen to the Drunk Fish - Jogu the Drunk - Achievement Location

How to complete Listen to the Drunk Fish

Every time you ask Jogu for a prediction (which, by the way, is always correct) you will have to pay him a certain amount. You are initially charged 25g whenever you ask. This gradually decreases as you build your relationship with Jogu. When you become best friends with him, you will only need to pay 10 silver.

What's the word on tomorrow's crops?After payment, he will say one of the following:

  • Ughhhh… my head is hazy… try again later.
  • Which berries should you plant? Witchberries, of course!
  • Pumpkins! It'sh gonna be huge, gigantic pumpkins!
  • Shpring for a leek, and you might get two.
  • Oooh... ooooh! My senses are tingling! I see... huge Green Cabbages in your future.
  • Striped melons are quite juishy this time of year! Put some sheeds in the ground, and you will reap the harvest on the morrow.
  • Jade Melonsh grow the color of milky jade. Conditionsh will be perfect tomorrow for growing thish vegetable... I think.
  • You ever heard of a juicycrunch carrot? They'll never be juicier than tomorrow.
  • I'm seeing Pink Turnipsh in your future.
  • Fields of white turnips. Raw and shipicy!
  • Have I ever told you that I hate Scallions? Hate 'em! <Jogu lets out a loud belch.> Unfortunately for me, they're going to be in high season tomorrow.

Other Notes

Do not take the prediction of Jogu when you ask him between 12 midnight and 4 in the morning, server time. His predictions at that time are not meant for the next day, but for the current day. Obviously, whatever crop he mentions that time will not produce additional yields, unless said crop also becomes high-forecast the next day.

If you have already unlocked at least 8 tillable soils (by reaching Honored status with The Tillers faction), you can simply buy and plant each seed of the 7 vegetables required for the achievement everyday. One of them is bound to be bountiful when you harvest them the next day. You just then repeat until all vegetables have been credited.

If you plant a seed and it becomes a Bursting plant, you can immediately harvest it. While it does give additional produce, it won’t be credited towards the achievement. You have to harvest the crop during the day it is supposed to be bountiful!

Harvested crops that are predicted to be bountiful on a certain day have a higher chance of dropping rare items (such as the presents you can give for Tiller members to increase your friendship with them).

As some people would say that WoW copied the farming mini-game from Harvest Moon, I can’t help but relate Jogu’s forecast with the weather forecast you can do via television of the latter game. It’s probably just me, though.

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