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Y U NO – Meme History

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Y U NOAn abbreviation of the phrase “why you no,” Y U NO is an image of a stick-figure wearing a distinct facial expression of irritation and anger. It is superimposed with text to form an image macro series that uses a shorthand style commonly used in text messaging as well as erroneous grammar in order to address/question a certain topic. The meme is also sometimes known as TXT BAK or Y U NO guy on the Internet. 


The clearly disturbed face of the guy is considered to be based from a character from Gantz, a Japanese sci-fi manga / anime series in which two friends died and somehow transported themselves to an unreal world full of violence. The expression is particularly found in Chapter 55: Naked King, which was first published in February 2002 and then translated into English in June 2009.

Origin of the Y U NO Facial Expression

Before it was exploited as the Y U NO image macro, the image has spread around 4chan imageboards.

The first appearance that came with the Y U NO text was seen in a LOLTumblrWallpapers post that garnered a combination of more than 10,000 reblogs & likes on the social blog Tumblr. It said, “I TXT U, Y U NO TXT BAK!?”


As it started to become popular, several websites that allow users to generate their own meme uploaded the image as an exploitable or a blank template. The common pattern in the text would be “[subject], Y U NO [verb]?”.

Best of Y U NO

Y U NO Victoria's Secret

Y U NO Monday

Y U NO Beyonce

Y U NO Balrog and Gandalf

NASA, Y U NO find real alien

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Goredom – Brawler’s Guild (Rank 1)

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GoredomeGoredom is the third opponent in Rank 1 and the third overall opponent in the Brawler’s Guild. A level 92 shoveltusk with 1.6M health, his fight is fairly easy with only skill to watch out for.

Announcer’s Introduction

Also entering the arena: Goredome! He WILL attempt to gore you. With his dome.

Skills / Abilities / Spells

Lumbering Charge

Goredome readies from a distance and, after a second, charges forward. 

Tactics / Strategy / How to Defeat

Goredom - Rank 1 Brawler's GuildThe fight is quite similar to the first brawl with Bruce, although this time the opponent uses a long-range skill to one shot the player. Every time Goredom uses Lumbering Charge, a red indicator appears on the ground to mark where it will end up killing the player in an instant. Hence, the player need only to move away from the marker before Goredome arrives.

Anyone who suffers from lag, with game latencies going beyond 200ms, may want to move away faster than they should. Actually, it is best stop any actions being done, be it channeling spells or healing with First Aid, and maneuver from the red circle of death the moment it appears since only a second of grace time is given.

The lumbering charge can be interrupted by any rooting spells (such as Frost Nova), stuns, and other skills that cause Goredom loss of control.

Goredome occasionally inflicts the player with normal melee attacks. Fortunately, the damage is weak enough that even Cloth-wearing classes equipped with rare quality gear can withstand the blows.

To summarize, just keep on damaging Goredom unless you need to evade the red circle.

Mage Tips

Avoiding the red marker with a simple Blink should do the trick, so will the aforementioned Frost Nova and spells that cause loss of control.


Brawler's Guild – Goredom (Rank 1)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Vian the Volatile – Brawler’s Guild (Rank 1)

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VianVian the Volatile is the second opponent in Rank 1 and the second overall opponent in the Brawler’s Guild. A level 92 Mogu with 2.1M health, his fight requires precise movement but tolerates a couple of mishaps as contending players deal with his fire-based abilities.

Announcer’s Introduction

In the other corner, we have Vian, the flame-flinging follower of the Thunder King!

Skills / Abilities / Spells

Volatile Flames

Vian conjures a living fire that traverses in a linear fashion and deals 100,000 Fire damage when it touches the player. But when Vian comes in contact with the flame, he will gain the Volatile Armor buff that increases his spell casting speed instead.

Volatile Armor

As Vian bathes in a Volatile Flame, he receives a Volatile Armor buff that increases his casting speed by 10% and his damage by 5%. The buff stacks up to 99 times.

Fire Line

Molten lava erupts from the ground forming a line in front of Vian , causing around 70,000 to 80,000 damage to the player when he’s within 3 yards. The ground continues to burn indefinitely and inflicts 37,000 to 43,000 damage in its radius.

Lava Burst

Vian hurls lava to the player, dealing around 24,000 Fire damage.

Tactics / Strategy / How to Defeat

Vian the VolatileJust like with Bruce, the player needs to move away from the direction that Vian is facing to avoid a deadly skill (in this case, the Fire Line) being cast. Alternately, the skill requires 3 seconds to cast, giving the player ample time to disrupt it through stuns.

Another thing to avoid are the Volatile Flames. At first, Vian will summon one stationary fireball at the center. Then as the battle goes on, more fireballs appear and move in a straight line, requiring you to keep running around even more to avoid damage and prevent Vian from getting buffed up.

Lava Burst can be silenced or interrupt. However, cloth wearers may not want to resort to such action since Vian’s physical melee damage is more harmful than the spell.

Mage Tips

Vian’s fight is not so complicated as to warrant casting certain Mage spells at certain times. Use them as you normally would: Blink to escape, Mirror Image to temporarily divert threat, and so on.


Brawler's Guild - Vian the Volatile (Rank 1)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

That Awkward Moment – Meme History

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That Awkward Moment is a popular hashtag on Twitter, Tumbler, and other social networking sites that is used to indicate that the story or anecdote being told talks about humiliating experiences, especially ones that happen on public. The phrase is sometimes also used in humorous images.

Origin and Popularity

Socially Awkward PenguinThe term “awkward,” while customarily used to denote the lack of social grace and assurance or the lack of dexterity and skill, has been more commonly used in the late 2000s to mean embarrassing or even peculiar social happenings.

The Socially Awkward Penguin, one of 4chan’s advice animal series of image macros, is among the first instances that depict funny and yet awkward experiences. On the other hand, the Tumlbr blog ThatAwkwardMoment is known to be the first one to publish text-based stories of awkward moments, the oldest of which dates back to the blog’s launching on October 13, 2010.


The phrase thereon became an indispensable source of humor with widespread popularity on Twitter that it has inspired the creation of other relevant blogs and @ handlers. On Facebook, several pages and groups have funny awkward experiences as their names and consequently attracted more than a million of likes.

With many Facebook users failing to grasp the proper usage of the meme, the Urban Dictionary, an online repository for the latest slang words and phrases, perfectly describes “That Awkward Moment” as

some new facebook fad where someone will put on their wall starting with that awkward moment and often times following it with something thats not awkward at all.

Best of That Awkward Moment

That awkward moment when an enemy gives you something you like

That awkward moment when no one cares

That awkward moment when you fart at the wrong time

That awkward moment when you mistake yourself to be called

That awkward moment when you're the one being laughed at

That awkward sex talk with your dad

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Bruce – Brawler’s Guild (Rank 1)

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Bruce - Brawler's GuideBruce is the foremost opponent players will face in the Brawler’s Guild. He is a level 92 crocolisk with 1.5m health.

Announcer’s Introduction

Also entering the arena: Bruce, a crocolisk we found!

Skills / Abilities / Spells

Chomp Chomp Chomp

Three successive bites that instantly kills the player when he is in front of Bruce. It takes the beast 2 seconds of uninterruptible casting time before he starts chomping away.

Normal Melee Attack

When not performing his special ability, Bruce normally attacks with minimal damage that even Cloth wearers equipped with blue-quality items can outmatch the crocolisk.

Tactics / Strategy / How to Defeat

Keep attacking Bruce and immediately move away from his front when he begins casting Chomp Chomp Chomp. As he channels the ability, he does not change direction and can be safely attacked from the sides or back.

Some players suggest to NOT run through him or go near his tail because Chomp can inflict damage thereon.

Although uninterruptible, the casting can stopped via stuns.

If the fights goes on beyond 2 minutes, Bruce gets Enraged and deals more damage.

Dead Bruce - Brawler's Guide

Mage Tips

A simple Blink will guarantee your survival against the deadly chomps.


When Bruce is defeated and therefore you win your first brawl, you earn the You Are Not Your $#*@! Legplates achievement.


Brawler's Guild - Bruce (Rank 1)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Brawler’s Guild

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Welcome to my comprehensive Brawler’s Guild guide for World of Warcraft!

Fighting in the Brawler's Guild Arena

Blizzard has granted the wishes of many to prove their mettle without any help from other players in a group or party. Now, an individual player can sign up for fights that are just between them and the enemy NPC gladiator (though they may occasionally come as a duo – even a pack of five!) in a closed arena, above of which the other players won’t be able to do nothing else but spectate and either trashtalk or cheer you on during your fights. (Now if only Blizzard introduces a similar 1-vs-1 scenario but between players. Something more official than mere duels…)

Note: If you are looking for specific tactics on how to defeat a certain opponent, jump to the Ranks and Monsters section and click on that opponent’s name to proceed to its strategy guide.

Taken from Blizzard’s 5.1 “Landfall” patch notes:

Underground fighting rings have sprung up in Stormwind and Orgrimmar that will give brawlers who have their mitts on an invitation a chance to earn bragging rights by testing their solo PvE mettle against some of the toughest creatures found in World of Warcraft.

Simply put, the Brawler’s Guild is where you can fight the most challenging of monsters and creatures the World of Warcraft has to offer without having you leave Stormwind/Orgrimmar and travel far and wide in the hopes of encountering these legendary adversaries in the wild. So far, it’s the best solo PvE there is in one convenient location.

How it Works

Any players confident enough to show their prowess are encouraged to join the guild. They start out easy, fighting against lesser creatures and defeating them in order to increase ranking and gain access to more powerful enemies. Increases in ranks not only let you fight tougher creatures, they also let you buy additional rewards and pursue other things in the guild beyond fighting.

Location / Where to Find

The Alliance and the Horde have their own separate versions of the Brawler’s Guild, namely, Bizmo’s Brawlpub and Brawl’gar Arena.

The former is located in the Stormwind side of the Deeprun Tram. As you enter the tunnel, go left and down the ramp to find the pub entrance, which is noticeable thanks to a rotating red light. (Don’t worry as you cross the track; any passing trams won’t kill you.) As its name suggests, Bizmo is the operator of the bloody shindig.

Bizmo's Brawlpub Deeprun Tram Map Location

Bizmo's Brawlpub Entrance

In-game description:

A group of battle-hungry fighters has gathered creatures from all over Azeroth and Outland to participate in bloody arena deathmatches with heroes of the Alliance.

On the other hand, Brawl’gar Arena can be found at the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar. It’s the building situated northeast on the map.

In-game description:

The warchief has gathered creatures from all over Azeroth and Outland to participate in bloody arena deathmatches with heroes of the Horde.

How to Join / Become a Member

The Brawler’s Guild is an exclusive club for seasoned PvE players. Sadly, gaining access is not mainly through proving your strength, but in the wealth you own. Given that you’re willing enough to spend thousands of gold, you must head to the Black Market Auction House (BMAH) at the Veiled Stair, Pandaria and bid for the Blood-Soaked Invitation(s) being sold there.

Black Market Auction House Listing

Black Market Auction House Location

Alternately, fellow players who are already guild members can invite you. The problem, however, is that they must reach Rank 7 to be rewarded with the Brawler’s Pass, which can be traded or sold to the normal auction houses. Furthermore, only one pass is given per player. Unless those players are your friends, they will most likely sell their passes instead of gifting it in order to make up for their losses when they bought their own invitations from the BMAH. Note that the invitations are account-wide; you don’t have to buy again for your alt characters, no matter their realm and faction.

Lastly, there’s a rare chance that the invitation may drop from certain NPCs. They are added in patch 5.1 and have connections with the Operation: Shieldwall (Alliance) and Dominance Offensive (Horde) factions at the Krasarang Wilds zone in Pandaria. They can be found near or within their faction’s keeps and have a 30-60 respawn timer.

Killable Alliance NPC’s with chance of invitation drops:

  • Dalan Nightbreaker <Champion of Arms>
  • Disha Fearwarden <Champion of the Light>
  • Mavis Harms <Champion of the Shadows>

Killable Horde NPC’s with chance of invitation drops:

  • Kar Warmaker <Champion of Arms>
  • Muerta <Champion of the Light>
  • Ubunti the Shade <Champion of the Shadows>

These mobs, when killed, do not drop the invitations 100%. And when they do drop it, the item is Bind on Pickup and so you can’t trade it to another player.

The Brawls

Signing up for a fight is different from how you queue up for the usual dungeons/raids. Whereas the latter creates a separate instance for you and your group, each realm or server only has one arena. In other words, only one player at a time is pitted against a PvE opponent. As this fight occurs, others who wish to fight as well will have to wait until they are summoned into the arena. In the meantime, they can spectate and observe how the current fight is going, perhaps learning a tip or two for their own match. During times when the arena population is low, cross-realm is implemented to make things livelier.

Bizmo's Brawlpub BouncerTo get listed for a fight, players must talk to a Bizmo’s Brawlpub/Brawl’gar Arena Bouncer. These NPCs can also determine how many people are waiting in line in front of the player. Lastly, a yellow text, “You are next in line!”, flashes on the screen to alert the player.

As means of preparation, some players form a group in order to conveniently enhance each other with buffs and resurrect any dead players who failed to win their match.

Creatures that players fight in the arena are not randomly chosen but are rather in order depending on your rank and reputation points towards your faction’s brawler’s guild. You will only face another creature when you’ve defeated the current one, no matter how many times you’ve been killed by it.

Brawler's Guild

A different strategy is required per creature that involves learning how your skills and spells work and when it’s best to use them. While gear/equipment is still important to deal enough damage against the enemy, situational awareness is even more important. Certain spells from the creatures can kill you in an instant, which means you’ll have to dodge/interrupt/avoid them. Stunning and healing yourself is also important for your survival.


If you manage to win a fight, you get teleported back to the other spectators and you receive 250 reputation points and a bag of junk items (initially Brawler’s Purse, then Bulging Brawler’s Purse at higher levels) that are worth a few gold. If you lose and die, your body gets teleported back nonetheless but you get nothing. You can either release your spirit and travel some distance to get back to the guild area or you can ask a healer to resurrect you. You, then, just have to try better next time.

Ranks and Monsters

There are a total of eight ranks, with new players starting out at Rank 1. Each rank requires an accumulation of 1000 reputation points in order to proceed to the next level. Every creature you defeat earns you 250 rep points. Obviously you need to win four times per rank to proceed to the next.

The creatures below are arranged according to who you encounter and must defeat first before facing a new opponent.




In-Game Announcer’s Description



Crocolisk (Beast)

Also entering the arena: Bruce, a crocolisk we found!


Vian the Volatile

Mogu (Humanoid)

In the other corner, we have Vian, the flame-flinging follower of the Thunder King!



Shoveltusk (Beast)

Also entering the arena: Goredome! He WILL attempt to gore you. With his dome.


Dungeon Master Vishas

Human (Humanoid)

Well, wrap me in leather and tug my leash: it's Dungeon Master Vishas!



Penguin (Beast)

He'll peck your eyes out if you give him a chance. It's Dippy!



Arakkoa (Humanoid)

Also entering the arena: Kirrawk, wind-wielding arrakoa of the Terokkar Forest!


Fran & Riddoh

Goblin & Hobgoblin (Humanoid)

In the other corner... a disgusting green pile of goblin idiocy, riding on a lumbering chariot of shame. It's Fran and Riddoh! Everybody boo!


King Kulaka

Devilsaur (Beast)

Now this is what I'm talking about! More dinosaurs, please! It's King Kulaka!!



Ooze (Aberration)

Hey hey! Look what we've scooped up for you today... it's Blat!



Flamewaker (Humanoid)

From deep within the bowels of Blackrock Mountain, it's Sanoriak, master of flame!



Silithid colossus (Beast)

We found this one scuttling in circles in Silithus. From the looks of him, somebody mostly killed him already. It's Ixx!



Tiger (Beast)

We spent days trying to find this one in Sholazar Basin. Welcome to the jungle! It's Mazhareen!



Yeti (Beast)

And in this corner! He's angry. He's deadly. He's a little bit adorable. Straight out of Neverest, it's Crush!


Leona Earthwind

Night Elf (Humanoid)

I never thought I'd see the day! Our former champion, out of retirement! Put your big, beefy hands together for Leona Earthwind!


Dominika the Illusionist

Draenei (Humanoid)

When I see her smile, it makes me smile. When she casts a spell, it puts a spell on me. When I see her horns, it makes me feel... intrigued. It's Dominika!



Mechagnome (Mechanical)

Get ready to dance! Deeken's in the house!


Millie Watt

Gnome (Humanoid)

Up next, it's Millie Watt! I used to date her in engineering school!



Vargul (Undead)

Everybody's favorite magical 12-foot-tall corpse, Fjoll! Am I pronouncing that right?



Spore Walker (Beast)

Oh dear... I'm sorry, but it looks like you're going to have to fight Proboskus.


Leper Gnome Quintet

Leper Gnomes (Humanoid)

The opposition includes some of Gnomeregan's finest... although they've all seen better days. It's the leper gnome quintet!


Yikkan Izu

Unknown (Beast)

We found this one cawing up a storm in Auchindoun. Give it up for Yikkan Izu!



Broken (Humanoid)

Some of you veterans might remember this guy. He may be Broken, but today, he means to break you! It's Akama!


Smash Hoofstomp

Tauren (Humanoid)

We also welcome Smash Hoofstomp, the terrible tauren from Thunder Bluff! Look at those GREAT shoulderpads!



Giraffe (Beast)

Quiet down everyone... we don't want to make it angry. Just gaze in silent awe at Unguloxx, the murderaffe!


GG Engineering

Gnome & Goblin (Humanoid)

Their partnership was never meant to be. It actually makes me sick a little bit. Here comes GG Engineering!


Dark Summoner

Skeletal Mage (Undead)

Also entering the arena: The Dark Summoner. Wow, he doesn't even have a real name. Spooky!



Arcane Guardian (Mechanical)

Also entering the arena: Battletron! This hunk o' junk is just waiting to explode all over you!



Gnoll (Humanoid)



Epicus Maximus

Shark (Beast)



Disruptron Mk. 3R-Alpha

Mechagnome (Mechanical)

That's actually some pretty good engineering down there. It's Disruptron time!


Millhouse Manastorm

Gnome (Humanoid)

We have a special guest today: the always-endearing, ever-resilient, Millhouse Manastorm! Stonecore was merely a setback!






There are two vendors near the arena. One of them is the Alliance brawler’s guild quartermaster, Quackenbush <Bizmo’s Brawlpub Quartermaster>. His Horde equivalent is Paul North <Brawl’gar Arena Quartermaster>. They sell potions that are only consumable during the fights:



Brawler’s Healing Potion

Restores 60,000 health. Only usable in a Brawl arena.

Potion of Brawler’s Might

Increases your Strength by 4,000 for 25 sec. Only usable in a Brawl arena.

Potion of Brawler’s Cunning

Increases your Intellect by 4,000 for 25 sec. Only usable in a Brawl arena.

Potion of Brawler’s Deftness

Increases your Agility by 4,000 for 25 sec. Only usable in a Brawl arena.

Quackenbush - Bizmo's Brawlpub Quartermaster

The other vendor is the Purveyor of Underhand Things, Lidiya Peyton (Alliance) or Esme Sunshadow (Horde). They sell trash items that you can use to throw into the arena and are required to earn the Haters Gonna Hate and Bottle Service achievements.

Item Description

Rotten Apple

Throw the rotten apple.

Rotten Banana

Throw the rotten banana.

Rotten Watermelon

Throw the rotten watermelon.

Expired Blackout Brew

Throw the bottle.


  • Bottle Service
    Hit an angry spectator in the head with an Expired Blackout Brew.
  • Haters Gonna Hate
    Win a brawl with ten stacks of You Stink!
  • I’m Your Number One Fan
    Cheer a player on after they have won a brawl.
  • Rabble Rabble Rabble
    Take Willard “Bubbles” Wilcox’s portal to Orgrimmar.
  • The Second Rule of Brawler’s Guild
    Reach Rank 7 with Mizmo’s Brawlpub.
  • You Are Not Your $#*@! Legplates
    Win a brawl.


[coming soon]