Saturday, December 29, 2012

Goredom – Brawler’s Guild (Rank 1)

GoredomeGoredom is the third opponent in Rank 1 and the third overall opponent in the Brawler’s Guild. A level 92 shoveltusk with 1.6M health, his fight is fairly easy with only skill to watch out for.

Announcer’s Introduction

Also entering the arena: Goredome! He WILL attempt to gore you. With his dome.

Skills / Abilities / Spells

Lumbering Charge

Goredome readies from a distance and, after a second, charges forward. 

Tactics / Strategy / How to Defeat

Goredom - Rank 1 Brawler's GuildThe fight is quite similar to the first brawl with Bruce, although this time the opponent uses a long-range skill to one shot the player. Every time Goredom uses Lumbering Charge, a red indicator appears on the ground to mark where it will end up killing the player in an instant. Hence, the player need only to move away from the marker before Goredome arrives.

Anyone who suffers from lag, with game latencies going beyond 200ms, may want to move away faster than they should. Actually, it is best stop any actions being done, be it channeling spells or healing with First Aid, and maneuver from the red circle of death the moment it appears since only a second of grace time is given.

The lumbering charge can be interrupted by any rooting spells (such as Frost Nova), stuns, and other skills that cause Goredom loss of control.

Goredome occasionally inflicts the player with normal melee attacks. Fortunately, the damage is weak enough that even Cloth-wearing classes equipped with rare quality gear can withstand the blows.

To summarize, just keep on damaging Goredom unless you need to evade the red circle.

Mage Tips

Avoiding the red marker with a simple Blink should do the trick, so will the aforementioned Frost Nova and spells that cause loss of control.


Brawler's Guild – Goredom (Rank 1)

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