Monday, January 30, 2012

Effect of PS Vita Video Games on Children

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What is PS Vita?

PlayStation Vita, also commonly known as PS Vita, is a handheld video game console using an optical disc format with features including a sizable viewing screen and large multimedia capabilities. Since it is portable, any person including a child can carry the gadget conveniently any where at any time.


Are Video Games Good or Bad for Children?

There is a very vital requirement that must be adhered to when it comes to these sorts of entertainment more particularly when tender minds are involved. Gaming activities like these need SUPERVISION! As long as there is close responsible adult supervision, video games are beneficial even to very young children.

Nowadays, as a by-product of advancements in computer technology, electronic games are more accessible by way of PlayStation Vita units which are expected to become a common thing in most homes. PS Vita may be acquired as a gift or personal purchase since it has become more affordable through the passing years.

Importance of Responsible Adult Supervision

A stress should be made on the word “responsible” simply because not all adults may be qualified to fall under such term. Thus the person referred to here is someone who has the ability to determine and distinguish what is morally good or bad, and has the ability to foresee the outcome -- psychologically, emotionally as well as mentally -- of a child’s act, which in this case is playing video games. Any person who falls short of this description can cause a disastrous effect to the total well-being of a child.

Corollary to this, the responsible person must look into the child’s choices of video games. Make sure that the little one’s choice is highly educational and non-violent. With the correct video games, a child can have an improved IQ, and can develop potential skills such as dexterity, hands-and-eyes coordination and, most of all, self-control.

As a friendly reminder to any adult reading this article, it is your obligation to supervise and help the child choose wisely his or her PS Vita video games. Molding a tender mind to be responsible is your responsibility!


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