Monday, July 30, 2012

The Top 13 FML Moments

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These small things in life occur a lot that some poor victims would even think of killing themselves on a regular basis.

1. Broken Pencil Tip

Broken Pencil Tip

You sharpened your pencil so carefully that it was so smooth and had a perfect point. But you can never expect when it will break…

2. Unavailable YouTube Videos

Unavailable YouTube Videos

If a video is only available in certain countries, why does YouTube bother listing it for us residing in other countries? Sheesh!

3. Creepy Crawly Surprise

Creepy Crawly Surprise

This is why I hate going into dark rooms. I cringe at the thought of touching the hairy back of a spider as I blindly find the light switch.

via AllLOL: Me and My New Bedroom

4. Too Comfortable in Bed

Too Comfortable to Get Up

I’m one of those people who can’t doze off the instant I lie in bed. I do all sorts of relaxing and not to think of anything. Naturally, I just hate the moment when my bladder demands answering the call of nature as I have to repeat my sleeping process over again…

5. Facebook Status

Facebook Status

Why the heck would people post status about them being sad and everything and not expect everyone else to be sympathetic? Keep your problems to yourself instead!

6. Peeling Off Skin Near Fingernails

Peeling Off Skin Near Fingernails

The comics above is obviously an exaggeration but the pain of peeling off dead skin that exposes live ones sure is annoyingly painful.

7. Big Male Plugs

Big Male Plugs

See that large electric plug to the right? I’m lucky that I only have one device using those or I would have to buy more extension cords.

8. Wire Stuck in Table Wheel

Wire Stuck in Table Wheel

And don’t forget about the wires! I long for a future where things get powered wirelessly.

9. Got Snagged in Door Handle

Got Snagged in Door Handle

That awkward moment when you’re running past a door and getting something caught on the handle. For example, your pant’s belt loop.

10. Not-So-Clean Paper Tear

Not So Clean Paper Tear

People with OCD can so relate to this.

11. Hands Can't Fit Inside the Pringles Can

Hands Can't Fit Inside the Pringles Can

Some people probably don’t know that gravity is their friend…

12. Movies as Book Covers

Movies as Book Covers

I even saw picture books that uses scenes from the movies. To be honest, nothing beats the unexplored world your imagination can think of as you read books the way their authors intended.

13. Large Cookie, Small Glass

Large Cookie, Small Glass

One good tip: don’t dip in warm milk. Your cookie, if you ever manage to fit it in the glass, will break in a matter of seconds.

Oh, and if you have no idea what FML means, it’s “f*ck my life.”

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