Friday, August 10, 2012

You Don’t Say – Meme History

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You Don't Say MemeThe term “you don’t say” is a colloquial expression to suggest surprise or bewilderment in response to a statement. Additionally, the phrase may also be used as sarcasm to something obvious (and yet still stated). This latter definition was appropriated to a contour drawing of Nicholas Cage and together formed the You Don’t Say meme.

The image of the Academy Award-winning American actor originated from a scene in Vampire’s Kiss, a 1989 dark comedy/psychological horror film about a publishing agent’s gradual submission into madness after persuading himself that he is becoming a vampire. In the scene where the image of Nick was taken, his character Peter Leow anguishes his secretary.


You Don’t Say? – Nicholas Cage

Before the meme surfaced, the Nick Cage’s reaction face was used in a demotivational image uploaded to Roflrazzi in August 2009:

Nicholas Cage Demotivational You Don't Say
Two years later, the contour drawing appeared on Reddit.

You Don't Say - First Contour Drawing Appearance
As a side note, the meme is similar to the O RLY image macros. This image of an owl is popularly used in Internet forums to sarcastically respond to obvious statements, along with ones that are predictable or blatantly false.

O RLY owl

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