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The Secret to More Traffic from StumbleUpon

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Like so many bloggers out there, I have focused on getting traffic from search engines. As of this writing, 85% of all visits to my site come from organic search results. But there’s one online community that I have greatly ignored as a terrific referral source. The high traffic from StumbleUpon, once you obtain it, has a far more value for blogs whose main income is from CPM ads. Simply put, social media is anything but useless these days.

The Secret to More Traffic from Stumbleupon

But if this is your first time to use StumbleUpon, you may be discouraged by the fact that the social network is already overcrowded with fellow bloggers also trying to promote their own content. Without outside influence, a single page submission to SU, at the very best, grants only 15 hits or visits for that page. Such a number hardly counts in gaining considerable blog income. But fear not; here are some tips on how to be successful on the best social network referral source – yes, it has even surpassed Facebook!

How to Get StumbleUpon Traffic

The traffic from StumbleUpon a submitted page receives depends on a number of factors. While developers have kept mum on how the system really works (no one knows the exact page ranking/popularity algorithm but the devs), a number of SU power users have noticed some things that correlate with popular stumbles. I compiled a list of these factors below.

Number of likes from users. Like many other websites, members of SU have the option to vote up or down a webpage. The more likes obviously mean more instances that the page gets viewed again by more people. However, StumbleUpon no longer mainly relies on likes in order to rank the popularity of a page among other stumbles.

Number of connections. You must also build a reputation as a respected SU power user so that the social network service will recognize that your contributions are worth looking at and recommending to other people. One way to do this is to build an established network by asking other members, especially your personal buddies, to follow you. Don’t forget to return the favor and follow them back as well.

Number of profile visits. One factor before a user will follow you is to check how great your profile is. Through it, potential followers can see your recent upvotes, common interests, followers, among other things. Make sure everything is clean and you’re not riddled with too many ‘spam likes’!

Number of comments and submission. If a submitted page gets a comment or review, it will likely receive a number of views equivalent to the views when the page gets 25 likes. Reviews, after all, take more effort than the click-of-a-button like or upvote.

User influence. The status of the user who leaves a comment, submits and likes your articles also matters. Naturally, assuming he/she already has a solid connection and reputation, his endorsements will generate a lot of buzz. Make sure you get established SU users to check your content. Let them do the initial effort of submitting the page. Afterwards, it will be your task to promote the page to more people, especially to other power users.

Working Together with Other Stumblers

You must join, if not build one yourself, a network of friends whose aim is to get high traffic from StumbleUpon. You can find a common online place like Google Groups or live chatrooms where you can exchange links for others to submit, leave substantial reviews, and vote up.This network must also be comprised of people with common interests. The authority of both submitter and voter is now more important than the mere number of likes and reviews, so be sure everyone is actively trying to establish a solid SU account.

Of course, I’m not talking about forcing people to like and comment. That would be considered spamming. What you need to do is simply suggest a site and let them decide for themselves if your content is worthy of being promoted.

Instead of handing out the direct link to SU, let your network see your content first and have them use your blog’s widgets – adding the StumbleUpon badge is a must! – for submissions/likes/reviews. Besides other reasons, this is to avoid raising red flags in StumbleUpon.

Final Thoughts

As I continue looking for more secrets on how to raise the traffic from StumbleUpon for your content, I will update this post accordingly. In the meantime, start building your SU account by following me.

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