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Challenge Accepted – Meme History

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Challenge Accepted MemeUsed to be mainly drawn on four-pane comics, the Challenge Accepted guy typically portrays instances in real life where he boldly takes on a task that is prone to accidents with blind courage alone and despite slim odds of success.

The Challenge Accepted meme may have first appeared November 2010 in Bungie’s Flood forums in a discussion thread with the subject “When your teacher tells you.” In that thread are different things that teachers may say to the class which the forum members welcome as interesting endeavors:

  • "You need good grades to get into college! You can't get in with D's and F's!"
  • ''You can't add that, you'll blow the entire lab up!''
  • "You can't come to this school, you are not registered."

Before the 4-pane comics variants, “challenge accepted” was a popular catchphrase in How I Met Your Mother, a hit TV situational comedy series. Whereas other characters have dismissed things as mere jokes, Barney Stinson – Neil Patrick Harris’ ladies man character – consider them challenges that seemed unachievable at the start.

Barney Stinson says “Challenge Accepted”


Meme Variants

Challenge Denied MemeChallenge Considered Meme

Besides the Challenge Accepted character, there are also two more that have since become widespread jokes: Challenge Denied and Challenge Considered. Whereas Accepted readily faces the imminent dare, Denied turns it down and Considered is still uncertain if it is worth the time and effort.


Best of Challenge Accepted Meme


Classic Example of a 4 Pane Challenge Accepted Comics


Cleaning the Room Challenge Accepted


Drinking and Girls Challenge Accepted


Trolling Challenge

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