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I Salute His Bravery

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Male Pageant Fail

So brave…


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Stay on the trampoline in the Whistling Grove in Mount Hyjal for 20 consecutive bounces.

WoW Bounce Achievement

Achievement Location

As mentioned in the description, the trampoline is located at the Whistling Grove, an area with thinly spread trees to the west of the Grove of Aessina, Hyjal. You can easily spot the trampoline from higher ground as it is made of a light brown pelt – possibly that of a bear – stretched tightly on three wooden poles.

WoW Bounce Achievement Location

WoW Achievement Guide

When you try it the first time, it would look like you’d be jumping uncontrollably. Actually, you just have to use your mouse to turn your character towards the center of the trampoline really fast and then press your move-forward button (W by default) in order to stay at the center as close as possible.

If you unfortunately land near the edge, don’t fret; you have a grace period, albeit small, to walk back in the middle without your bounce counter going back to 0. By the way, you can track the progress of your bounce by tracking the achievement. Also, each successful jump is followed by a small blast of dusts.


Kill any nearby Brimstone Hound. When close enough, they will attack you and disturb your bouncing attempts.

Brown ElekkSome players – including myself – have learned that it’s easier to perform this feat when riding a mount. After all, your speed is increased when mounted. Also, use a big mount such as elekks so you’ll land and cover a bigger area of the trampoline. Flying mounts are not practical here as you’d float midair right before when you’re supposed to land.

The height of each bounce is random, so stay alert for high bounces.

Mage Tips

Slow Fall does not work here. It may reduce your fall speed and avoid any fall damage (non-fatal each bounce), but it won’t let you control your movement in the air. With it you cannot land back to the trampoline center.

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