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Shadow Hopper

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Bounce a ball with a hatchling 25 times in a row without dropping it.

Shadow Hopper

Achievement Location

You need to be affiliated with the Order of the Cloud Serpents (located in The Arboretum, The Jade Forest) in order to own a hatchling. To do this, your character must have reached level 90 to unlock the starting quest, which requires you to defend the wild cloud serpents at Windward Isle from the Slitherscale reptiles. Soon, you will get a quest that lets you choose one of three eggs. Each has a different color (blue, green, or yellow) that corresponds to what color your baby serpent will be.

Shadow Hopper Achievement Location

Once the critter comes out of the egg, the daily quests are unlocked. One of them is Catch!, which lends you a Bouncy Ball that you can use to play with your pet.

As you and your hatchling throws the ball in the air, a big and dark circle of shadow – more distinct than the smaller and lighter shadow casted by the ball – appears on the ground to indicate where the bouncy ball will land. These spots are where you and your hatchling are going to hop onto one after the other; hence the achievement title Shadow Hopper.

How to complete Shadow Hopper

Whereas the Catch! daily quest counts every successful catch of the ball, you can only complete the achievement if you repeat the process 25 times without dropping the ball.

The most challenging part is finding a sweet spot where you and your pet can play without interruption. Distancing yourself from other players who are also playing catch is best, as you might be confusing each other with so many balls thrown in the air.

Another problem is the occasional bug with the geometry of the terrain; sometimes the ball lands in a location that is impossible to go to. Also, avoid any water.

The Juggler buff appears right after your first successful catch. It will indicate how many more times you need to throw and catch the ball to complete the feat. If you miss a catch, you need to start over by removing the buff and throwing the Bouncy Ball once again.

Other Notes

Once your reputation with the Order rises to Revered, your hatchling will grow and no longer be able to participate in Catch! If you still have not accomplished the achievement by then, you can simply ask the Serpent Master, Elder Anli, to borrow one of the other hatchlings and play with that critter instead.

Elder Anli, the Serpent Master

As sometimes the ball is thrown quite far from you, you will need to use some speed increase skills or spells to help you. What I personally did was to use my flying mount. But to do this all the way to 25 catches, you must only mount RIGHT AFTER your pet has thrown the ball and it’s your turn to catch (note: you get dismounted every time you throw the ball). Mounting beforehand has a likely chance to distract your pet; he will return right by your side instead of throwing the ball.

If you’re lucky, the count gets bugged and will still stack towards 25 despite any misses you made during the game.

Yak Attack

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Kill 15 Sra’thik attackers at the Niuzao Temple within 5 seconds.

Niuzao Temple and the Black Ox

Achievement Location

The Sra’thik are a group of mantid invaders occupying most of the northeastern portion of the island where Niuzao Temple is located. Even the temple is swarmed by these insectoids and the Black Ox himself, Niuzao, can be seen defending the front yard.

Yak Attack Achievement Location

How to complete Yak Attack

The achievement simply requires a perfectly timed pull of 15 Sra’thik mobs just as the Black Ox is nearby. You won’t be actually doing the killing, as it is nearly impossible to do such a feat with so many enemies. On the other hand, any mantid caught in the path of the ox’s rampage is killled instantly when the ox arrives and tramps on them. In short, just position 15 mobs where the ox will be running amok: the outer ring of the courtyard.

The ox is actually not a necessity when doing this achievement with a group of players. For instance, a group of five can simply grab at most three mantids (a good number any class can pull and still survive), rendezvous with the other players at an agreed location, and use all available AoE skills once all mobs have been gathered.

Other Notes

To count the kills as your own (even if the Niuzao does most of the damage), you have to pull the mobs with a spell or skill that does any amount of damage. (I previously rallied the mantids towards the celestial ox’s rampage path without damaging them. It didn’t count towards the achievement.)

Try not to pull the mantids towards a Niuzao Sentinel as the latter will distract the former’s attention and you can’t therefore pull them into the ox’s path.

Mage Tip

As a mage I simply pulled via a fast mount. I was lucky enough not to get dazed from all those attacks from behind. If in case I did get dazed and consequently dismounted, I’d simply use Blink towards Niuzao’s path. He was still too far though, so I had to use Ice Block, Frost Nova, and Mirror Image to buy some more time until he arrived.