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Bruce – Brawler’s Guild (Rank 1)

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Bruce - Brawler's GuideBruce is the foremost opponent players will face in the Brawler’s Guild. He is a level 92 crocolisk with 1.5m health.

Announcer’s Introduction

Also entering the arena: Bruce, a crocolisk we found!

Skills / Abilities / Spells

Chomp Chomp Chomp

Three successive bites that instantly kills the player when he is in front of Bruce. It takes the beast 2 seconds of uninterruptible casting time before he starts chomping away.

Normal Melee Attack

When not performing his special ability, Bruce normally attacks with minimal damage that even Cloth wearers equipped with blue-quality items can outmatch the crocolisk.

Tactics / Strategy / How to Defeat

Keep attacking Bruce and immediately move away from his front when he begins casting Chomp Chomp Chomp. As he channels the ability, he does not change direction and can be safely attacked from the sides or back.

Some players suggest to NOT run through him or go near his tail because Chomp can inflict damage thereon.

Although uninterruptible, the casting can stopped via stuns.

If the fights goes on beyond 2 minutes, Bruce gets Enraged and deals more damage.

Dead Bruce - Brawler's Guide

Mage Tips

A simple Blink will guarantee your survival against the deadly chomps.


When Bruce is defeated and therefore you win your first brawl, you earn the You Are Not Your $#*@! Legplates achievement.


Brawler's Guild - Bruce (Rank 1)