Friday, December 28, 2012

Vian the Volatile – Brawler’s Guild (Rank 1)

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VianVian the Volatile is the second opponent in Rank 1 and the second overall opponent in the Brawler’s Guild. A level 92 Mogu with 2.1M health, his fight requires precise movement but tolerates a couple of mishaps as contending players deal with his fire-based abilities.

Announcer’s Introduction

In the other corner, we have Vian, the flame-flinging follower of the Thunder King!

Skills / Abilities / Spells

Volatile Flames

Vian conjures a living fire that traverses in a linear fashion and deals 100,000 Fire damage when it touches the player. But when Vian comes in contact with the flame, he will gain the Volatile Armor buff that increases his spell casting speed instead.

Volatile Armor

As Vian bathes in a Volatile Flame, he receives a Volatile Armor buff that increases his casting speed by 10% and his damage by 5%. The buff stacks up to 99 times.

Fire Line

Molten lava erupts from the ground forming a line in front of Vian , causing around 70,000 to 80,000 damage to the player when he’s within 3 yards. The ground continues to burn indefinitely and inflicts 37,000 to 43,000 damage in its radius.

Lava Burst

Vian hurls lava to the player, dealing around 24,000 Fire damage.

Tactics / Strategy / How to Defeat

Vian the VolatileJust like with Bruce, the player needs to move away from the direction that Vian is facing to avoid a deadly skill (in this case, the Fire Line) being cast. Alternately, the skill requires 3 seconds to cast, giving the player ample time to disrupt it through stuns.

Another thing to avoid are the Volatile Flames. At first, Vian will summon one stationary fireball at the center. Then as the battle goes on, more fireballs appear and move in a straight line, requiring you to keep running around even more to avoid damage and prevent Vian from getting buffed up.

Lava Burst can be silenced or interrupt. However, cloth wearers may not want to resort to such action since Vian’s physical melee damage is more harmful than the spell.

Mage Tips

Vian’s fight is not so complicated as to warrant casting certain Mage spells at certain times. Use them as you normally would: Blink to escape, Mirror Image to temporarily divert threat, and so on.


Brawler's Guild - Vian the Volatile (Rank 1)