Thursday, May 16, 2013

Common Writing Mistake: Ignoring the Reader

No matter who you’re working for, the boss that you answer to in the field of writing is ultimately the reader. We’ve already discussed that shoving an unfinished work to your readers is a big no-no. But besides that, writers often focus on themselves and people of less importance instead of prioritizing their existing followers and potential customers. For instance, they cater more to the needs of their publishers, perhaps compromising the integrity of their writing just to accomplish that.

Ignoring your existence

In other cases, writers just love to talk about themselves. But that begs this question: why bother writing something that has an obvious sense of narcissism? Unless you’re a popular icon recognized by people worldwide, people don’t really care about what personal experiences you wrote down. Don’t get me wrong. It’s okay to get personal, as long as you’re able to provide something your readers can relate to, that they can be interested in.

Spongebob Nobody Cares

The world doesn’t revolve around you; truth be told, there are others. Get rid of this egotism.  One way to do that is to put yourself in the shoes of your reader. You need to experience how they live so that you can relate to them. Your writing is your interpretation of your chosen subject, and to describe the latter through information obtained firsthand is far superior and more relatable than info based on other sources.

Choice of words is important as well. Remember, the readers are the final consumers of your writing. If you want them to connect to your work, you need to handle them to the emotional level. Appropriate your composition to the level of reading comprehension of your readers. This same rule applies to tone, formality, etc., depending on the type of composition.

Get off your ivory tower; mingle with the people! Choose the right words. Let your readers connect to your writing.

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