Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to block text messages from unknown senders on your Android

Are you receiving more spam lately in your phone’s inbox? Do you want to filter out strange messages from your normal conversations with known contacts and friends? While it’s near-impossible to stop people from sending your unwanted texts outright, you can at least hide their texts from view.

Spam message settings for Android

Who can benefit from this guide? For one, people with celebrity status certainly wants a peace of mind, but they can’t help if their phone numbers get easily spread to fans and other potentially annoying people, no matter how reserved they are in sharing their contact number. On the other hand, just about anyone can receive spam messages when their number has been randomly chosen in automated spam sending.

Note that this blocking feature is only available in select Android devices. For instance, I made this guide using my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Other flagship Galaxy devices (such as the S3 and S4) should have the feature too. Certain mobile carriers or networks also provide anti-spam measures, so be sure to check out your provider’s customer service/support website.


To block unknown senders:

Open your phone or tablet’s Messaging app, which is usually located in your home screen, but can always be found in your Apps list.

Press your device’s Menu button and select Settings.

Scroll all the way down until you reach the Spam message settings section. Enable Spam settings to enable Block unknown senders.

Once you’ve enabled the option, all incoming messages from phone numbers that haven’t been added in your phone’s contact list are considered as spam messages and therefore redirected to the spam folder.

If there’s already an unknown sender that has sent a SMS message, you can alternately tap and hold the message. Among the list of actions, select Register number as spam.

Register number as spam

The spam message settings also let you manually add/register specific numbers so that their future messages get blocked. Similarly, you can also specify phrases that, when detected in a message, cause messages to be blocked.


Enabling such protective measure help eliminate trash and junk texts in your inbox. But it can’t be helped that, through these methods, certain important messages (despite coming from a supposed anonymous contact) will get mixed along with the real spam. That’s why, you still have to check your Android device’s spam folder from time to time.

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