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Offline Multiplayer Android Games to Play on a Single Device

A lot of Android games today are designed with social features that most likely require an Internet connection. If you’re off the grid, you’re out of luck. But, it’s not the end for Android gamers who prefer playing with friends on a single device (i.e., offline multiplayer). There are still game developers out there who occasionally release games meant to be played by more than one person without needing another smartphone or tablet. Not everyone can afford the gadgets anyway, even more so when they need to spend for mobile data too. That latter fact also reminds me that online or Wi-Fi multiplayer games don’t always provide the same fluidity that couch multiplayer games offer.

Offline Multiplayer Android Games

Scrounging the Internet and the Google Play Store made me discover fun Android games, listed below. I didn’t bother ranking them since they have their own merits. Depending on the type of gameplay you want, you can find great games to try out here in my list. These are meant to be played with friends in person so as to guarantee a much-needed intimate and social satisfaction.

Please note that most of the games below requires a multitouch display.

Fruit Ninja

By Halfbrick Studios
Genre: Arcade & Action | Play Store Link: Free (ad-supported), Paid

Fruit Ninja THD Free

Fruit Ninja puts you in the role of a stealthy martial artist to hack and slash, um, fruits. It doesn’t really improve your skills to become a true ninja warrior, but it still is damn addictive as you enter a fruiting slashing spree and hear the squishes and splats of apples and bananas.

In multiplayer mode, two players compete for a higher score within the time limit. The more combos and the fewer trap bombs they hit, the better their performance is. The game requires a splitscreen view that uses ample space for slashing, which means only Android tablets are compatible. There’s Fruit Ninja to be had for smartphones, but for singleplayer modes and global online rankings only.

Paper War

By Sillycube
Genre: Casual | Play Store Link: Free (with in-app purchases)

Paper War for 2 Players

There are three versus modes available for two persons playing simultaneously. First is the Shoot mode, where each player uses a fixed cannon to attempt to bringing down the opponent’s aircrafts and be the first to reach the target score. The Tap mode has players press and kill as many enemy planes as they can within the time limit—with accidental taps at your own planes counted as your opponent’s score! Finally Cannon modes lets players fire cannonballs at each other, putting in mind the wind direction and force for a direct hit.

According to the developer, this app is still in ‘beta’ and is slated to have more mini-games in the future. Besides the aforementioned three modes, there are more to unlock when you pay for the app’s premium version.

2-Player Reactor

By cool cherry trees
Genre: Arcade & Action | Play Store Link: Free (ad-supported), Paid

2 Player Reactor

This exciting app challenges players to a “battle of reflexes,” or how fast they can react to as many as 17 mini-games. The graphics is simple, which the dev describes as a good way to let players focus in the games more, instead of getting distracted by superfluous visual effects. This also means a wide array of Android devices can install and run this offline multiplayer app.

Reactor also comes with a paid version that allows up to four players, not just two. It also gets rid of the advertisements and adds more game modes, difficulty levels, and more.

Guerrilla Bob THD

By Angry Mob Games
Genre: Arcade & Action | Play Store Link: Free (lite version), Paid (full version)

Guerrilla Bob THD

If you want something more stunning for your eyes, then this 3D cartoon shooter is for you. Control mercenary Bob as he faces an army of thugs through deserts, canyons, and ghost towns. Unlike most of the games on this list, Guerrilla Bob offers a co-op gameplay, letting you and your friend unfold the story together as a team.

Only the THD version—the one that’s designed for tablets—offer the splitscreen multiplayer. On the other hand, your friend can join your adventure using his phone or desktop computer through cross-platform WiFi multiplayer.

Glow Hockey 2

By Natenai Ariyatrakool
Genre: Arcade & Action | Play Store Link: Free (ad-supported)

Glow Hockey 2

Play air hockey on your Android device just as how you would in real life. You have a paddle that you control by dragging it across your playing field, in order to hit the puck and drive it down the opposing player’s goal or keep it from getting into yours. 

The game supposedly features smooth and responsive gameplay, as well as realistic physics. But in my actual experience, the paddle is slow to react to my finger swipes, making the game unpredictable and ensuring victory hard to accomplish.


By Second Breakfast Studios
Genre: Brain & Puzzle | Play Store Link: Free (ad-supported), Paid


Do you want to know how your vocabulary knowledge fares against that of your friends? Wordsmith, while admittedly lacking the fast-paced actions in many multiplayer games, is the recommended app for those looking for an intellectual challenge. Bring back the old days of the classic tabletop game Scrabble to your Android device.

Wordsmith sample screenshot

If you want to take the game up a notch, check out Wordsmith Tournament. It’s basically the same game but allows up to 32 players competing in a bracket to determine the best wordsmith of all!

The Hardest Game Ever 2

By Second Breakfast Studios
Genre: Casual | Play Store Link: Free (ad-supported, with in-app purchase)

Hardest Game Ever 2

This very addictive series of mini-games are, at heart, meant to be played by a single person. But many of the games only lasts for less than a minute and the success rate is very low. In other words, you and your friends can easily take turns in attempting to finish a game and obtain a good score/grade.

Hardest Game Ever 2 screenshot

While free, the app is riddled with rather obtrusive advertisements that somehow detracts its replay value. Luckily, there’s an in-app purchase available to disable ads and allow instant retries during game overs.

Worms 2: Armageddon

By Team 17 Digital Limited
Genre: Arcade & Action | Play Store Link: Paid

Worms 2 Armageddon

The popular classic PC game is now on Android, fully equipped with brand new weaponry and customizations. Don’t forget more mayhem and explosions! Of course, the tried-and-tested weapons we’ve learned to love are still here: Holy Hand Grenade, Sheep, Concrete Donkey, etc.

Up to four players on a single Android device can rally their wriggling teams and enjoy this game through the pass-and-play, hot seat multiplayer. Twelve game styles can be chosen from, such as Fort Mode and Sudden Death. A custom game style can also be configured.

Got an offline multiplayer Android game to recommend?

So far, these are the games that I suggest for you to play with your friends together without needing another device. If you know a game that is not in the list, comment below. More Android games can be found in my next list.

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