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Offline Multiplayer Android Games to Play on a Single Device (Part 2)

This post is a continuation of my previous list of Android games that you can play locally together with a friend on just one smartphone or tablet.

For a recap, here are some reasons why people are still better off with offline multiplayer games:

  • No need of a fast, active Internet connection that can be expensive when using mobile data
  • Not everyone has an Android device
  • If they do have a device, compatibility and connection issues are possible
  • For your friends with gadgets running on other platforms (e.g., iPhone on iOS), not every game offers cross-platform multiplayer
  • Always more fun to play together in person
  • More active social interaction

Please note that most of the games below requires a multitouch display.

Slingshot Racing

By Crescent Moon Games
Genre: Racing | Play Store Link: Paid

Slingshot Racing

Slingshot Racing is not the typical racing game, but instead comes with a gameplay that makes good use of touchscreen devices: using a grappling hook, you slingshot around corners to speed up throughout the race. The controls is quite simple to learn and yet challenging to master. Supporting both tablet and phone devices, the game boasts stunning visuals and 3D effects.

For offline multiplayer mode, up to four players can play on a single device. Mini tournaments can be set up or an instant random selection can be chosen to start playing immediately.


By bitforge Ltd.
Genre: Brain & Puzzle | Play Store Link: Free (trial), Paid


Orbital has you situated at the bottom of your device’s screen as a cannon that spits out colorful orbs. These orbs must be hit a couple of times to disappear and give you points. Just as long as your orbs don’t travel within your cannon’s territory, you can collect as much points as you want.

The game can be played in either single or two-player settings, with three game modes to choose from: Pure, Supernova, and Gravity. You can also compare your scores through the online leaderboard and Facebook.

Pocket Soccer

By RasterGrid Entertainment
Genre: Arcade & Action | Play Store Link: Free (ad-supported), Paid

Pocket Soccer

Anyone who has played the classic table-top game known as button football can appreciate this reinterpretation that offers a quickly paced and exciting gameplay. Unique soccer fields, balls, and other game elements await to be unlocked as you play different game modes.

Pocket Soccer screenshotPocket Soccer screenshot 2Pocket Soccer screenshot 3

With more than 70 countries you can represent, you can compete against the AI or your friends. It’s a simple game and yet can get very addictive.


By Nordic Mobile Labs
Genre: Arcade & Action | Play Store Link: Free


Crust is a revival of the cave flying game genre that was quite popular during the 1990s. The campaign offers eight story chapters where you traverse between planets, discover new weapons, and destroy enemy fighters.

Up to eight players can play in the cross-platform online multiplayer mode. If a constant Internet is not available, you can play along with another friend in spit-screen multiplayer mode. You can either play as teammates in co-op story mode or compete against each other in hardcore deathmatch.

Jungle Hangman Multiplayer

By ThirioNL
Genre: Brain & Puzzle | Play Store Link: Free (ad-supported), Paid

Jungle Hangman

Debate regarding animal rights set aside, this game is just like any hangman game. What makes it different is its use of animals in lieu of the stick figure. Apparently, this app is also the first online Android version of hangman.

Jungle Hangman screenshot 1 Jungle Hangman screenshot 2Jungle Hangman screenshot 3

Jungle Hangman can also be played in local multiplayer or single player.

Buzzer Arena

By: Villmagna
Genre: Casual | Play Store Link: Free

Buzzer Arena

If mini-games are your thing, then download Buzzer Arena. As many as four players can play on one display, be it on a smartphone or tablet. With a history that records your wins and losses, you and your friends can determine who the best is in the battle of wits and quick reaction.

Mini-games range from basic arithmetic problems (Equation), fast counting (Insect Swarm), and good timing (Goalgetter) to quick pathfinding (Treasure Maze), color matching (Color), and more. The app is certainly fun during drinking games, party games, or educational games.


By Sennep
Genre: Brain & Puzzle | Play Store Link: Free


Given its minimalistic approach in graphics, OLO is a simple game of skill and strategy for two players. You can download it for free and enjoy finger flicking on touch-enabled devices with your friend.

For a complete set of game rules, you can visit the official website at While converted to adapt a touch-based gameploy and become more entertaining, OLO is originally a web app. As such, it uses hardware acceleration for CSS translation that may or may not be supported by your device, therefore possibly affecting performance.


By Fingerlab
Genre: Arcade & Action | Play Store Link: Paid


Multiponk boasts high-definition graphics and realistic physics, giving a perfect simulation of a real wooden board. Seven games are available, with various bonuses, ball sizes, paddle slice effects, and music themes to choose from to further customize your playing experience.

The game simply requires you to use one finger to control the paddle. Only two players can compete together on a single smartphone, while as many as four people can play simultaneously on one tablet.

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