Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Benefits of Growing Up in the Country

Not everyone finds the experience of living in a rural area to be soothing and pleasant. In fact, many people who hail from a bustling city may find the sparse population and farmlands to be awfully boring. However, I beg to differ. Growing up in the country has several benefits in appreciating nature, living costs, and both interpersonal and intrapersonal growth.

Country Living by Thomas Kinkade

Aside from parks and small patches of greeneries, cities have very few locations where one can value nature. The country, on the other hand, contains vast spaces full of trees and grasslands. Parents need not worry about their kids getting exposed to pollution since the environment is almost in its pristine condition. Besides clean surroundings, expenses in the country tend to be cheaper. Food and other necessities are abundant and reasonably priced that starvation is hardly existent. A relaxing life in the country also gives every person a time to think for himself or herself and others. Without the tedious preoccupations that commonly plague the cities, relationships are formed with a solid foundation.

Granted, there is also a negative side to country living. For instance, there are fewer jobs available for the fresh graduates. Shopping areas and public services are spread out too thin that travelling back and forth takes quite a while. Furthermore, medical attention may not be as advanced as their urban counterparts. To some, these are critical factors that discourage city dwellers to find a new home in the country.

Understanding the benefits of living in a quiet, distant area is hard, especially to people who are used to urban life. However, people won't be able to fully recognize what it is like in little country towns until they have actually tried staying there.

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