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How to Skip DOTA 2 Tutorial

Early this year, DOTA 2 received a major update that includes a tutorial, featuring the hero Davion, the Dragon Knight, against Razor, the Lightning Revenant. The developers made sure that those who install and open the game for the first time must finish the tutorial first before they can play in multiplayer games against fellow human players. After all, such mandatory requirement for new DOTA 2 accounts is important so that every player is at least accustomed to the game’s user interface and knows the basic stuff, such as leveling up, learning skills, earning gold by last hitting, and buying from the shop.

DOTA 2 Tutorial

On the other hand, not everyone has to go through the whole quest to learn old stuff they may already know. Veteran players who spent countless hours playing the original DOTA in Warcraft III are quite familiar with how the mechanic works. They no longer have to learn about how to deny their own creeps, form iteDOTA 2 Tutorial Descriptionms through recipes, and so on. True enough, the interface is different, but the learning curve and time to adapt only takes a short while, that adjusting to the new look is even possible as you play directly against human opponents.

Whether or not the DOTA 2 tutorial provides an option to skip is still being contemplated amongst Valve developers and contributors. In the meantime, there is a working fix or bypass to let players close the tutorial quest map and proceed to the main user interface of the game.

Solution: How to Skip DOTA 2 Tutorial

If you have really decided to ignore learning the basic gameplay, then simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Open your Steam dashboard.
  2. In the Games list, right-click Dota 2 and select Properties.
  3. Under the General tab of the Dota 2 – Properties window, click the Set Launch Options button.
  4. Input "-console" (without the quotation marks) and hit OK.
  5. Start the game normally.
  6. The console should appear when the game has finished loading. Type on this window "dota_new_user 0"dota_full_ui 1”(without the quotation marks) and press Enter. (If the console window doesn’t appear, assign a hotkey to it through the game’s Controls options. Its default hotkey is \.
  7. A Close Map button should appear at the lower right of the screen. Click on it so you can play multiplayer mode.

The solution is also useful if ever the tutorial suffers from a bug that prevents you from completing the needed quests. Be reminded that this method is only a temporary solution. If you restart your Steam client, the tutorial will appear again, requiring you to repeat the process above every time if you want to skip again. If you really want to stop it from pestering you again permanently, just finish the quests.

DOTA 2 Tutorial Gameplay

Take note that this guide is not meant for Dota 2 newbies or beginners. If this is your first time to play a game in the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre, it is best you know the basic stuff so as not to annoy other players who expect the better of you. Otherwise, you can expect your teammates to trash talk and verbally abuse you, instead of being nice and teaching you how to play. The same scenario is likely in other MOBA games such as League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth. Again, take the tutorial. It only takes up to 15 minutes of your time if you go through it quickly.

More tutorials are also expected to become available in the future so as to cover beyond the basic game mechanics and will make interested players explore the tutorial map further.

Edit (July 29, 2013): It seems that Valve has fixed all sorts of workarounds on skipping the tutorial for Dota 2. As such, the guide above may not work anymore.

Edit (August 14, 2013): As of this date, the dota_full_ui 1 console command works and allows you to proceed directly to finding proper matches.

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