Wednesday, November 27, 2013

GCash App for Android

GCash app for Android logoGCash subscribers with an Android smartphone can now easily perform transactions with Globe’s mobile commerce service via the GCash app. With an easy-to-use interface and plenty of features available, it’s a perfect way to transform your handset into a virtual wallet. It also replaces the rather outdated sending of keywords/commands as text messages to do business.

GCash App features

  • Send money – Users can send money to other people who are also registered for the service, as well as give payment to authorized stores nationwide. Each money transfer only costs Php1.00.
  • Buy load for a Globe/TM number – Any Globe or TM mobile number can have their balance topped up. Obtaining load this way also gives a 10% rebate to the purchaser.
  • Pay bills – Globe has partnered with several local institutions and commercial establishments so that subscribers can settle their bills (electricity, water, tuition, etc.) without any addition fees. Bills can be paid anytime and anywhere, so there’s no longer the hassle of waiting in line at a cashier.
  • Shop online – If you opt for the American Express Virtual Pay service, you can use GCash to shop online. Supported international retailers include Amazon, eBay US, iTunes, and more.

GCash app for Android interface

Available as a free download via the Google Play Store, the GCash app for Android is only about 6MB in size and requires at least Android 2.2. GCash is also available for the iOS and Blackberry platforms.

User reviews of the GCash app for Android

Of the tens of thousands of users who installed the app on their Android devices, 198 people have so far submitted reviews, giving an average score of 3.9 out of 5. That score may change over time in future updates. People are liking the clean interface and design, whereas common complaints are about some persistent errors that prevent users from logging in and/or making transactions.

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