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Hearthstone: How to Earn Gold (In-Depth Guide)

Unlike many other games where currency can easily reach more than thousands, gold in Hearthstone is rather hard to earn. Besides using real money, gold is the only in-game currency available in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft that can be used to purchase cards or enter the Arena. Continue reading this guide and learn the quickest and best ways on how to gather the virtual moolah. But to sum it all up, it's to have fun in playing the game, learning the best ways to win, and just let the spoils of war roll in.

Hearthstone how to earn gold

How to earn/obtain gold in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Though I previously mentioned that gold is hard to earn—a luxury as it should be like in real life—there are many methods how to get it in the game.

Three victories equals 10 gold

Whenever you beat 3 human players, you get a reward. Do note that this only works in Play mode (either normal or ranked matches). The wins don’t have to be done in a row and earning this way can be done repeatedly.

Playing against the AI doesn’t count, although there’s an achievement/quest involving Practice mode that grants you 100 gold if you beat every AI hero in expert difficulty. Winning in arena is also not counted, since its rewards vary according to how you fared out of the 9 available matches per ticket/entry. More on those below.

It used to be only 5g for every five wins, though a game patch increased the amount.

Completing quests for gold

Quests are available in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft to spice things up. There’s no shame in admitting it: things get monotonous with just matches alone. There has to be some objective or purpose! Anyway, quests can either be unique (which are hidden and will only be revealed once you meet the requirements) or given on a daily basis. For the latter, that means the game assigns you one quest every day (said to be around 6pm PST) and places it in your log. Most quests can only be completed in Play and Arena modes.

List of daily quests that give gold

  • (Class) Victory

40g: Become a victor in two games as a (class: e.g., Hunter, Mage, Druid, etc).

  • (Class) Dominance

60g: Become a victor in five games as a (class).

  • Destroy Them All!

40g: Kill a total of 40 minions or summoned creatures in all games combined.

  • Only the Mighty

40g: Summon a total of 20 minions that requires at least five mana crystals to play.

  • The Meek shall Inherit

40g: Summon a total of 40 minions that requires at most two mana crystals to play.

  • Spell Master

40g: Play 40 spell cards

  • Beat Down

40g: Deal 100 damage to enemy heroes.

  • Total Dominance

100g: Earn 7 victories in any mode.

  • 3 Victories!

40g: Earn 3 victories while playing any class.

A daily quest is removed from the quest log once completed. Note that daily quests can be stacked up to four times, which means you won’t get any more than that on the fifth day of inactivity. However, you can only progress with the first three, with the last one only appearing once one of the other three is completed. In any case, you’re not forced to log into the game every day to farm gold using this method. And as shown above, most of the quests reward amounts of either 40 or 60 gold.

List of unique/hidden quests that give gold

  • The Duelist

100g: Participate in three games in Play mode.

  • Level Up

100g: Have one class/hero reach level 10.

  • Chicken Dinner

300g: Win a total of 100 games from all modes combined.

  • Big Winner

300g: Win a total of 1000 games from all modes combined.

  • Ready to Go!

100g: Unlock every hero/class from Practice mode.

  • Crushed Them All!

100g: Beat all computer opponents in Practice mode’s expert difficulty setting.

  • Got the Basics!

100g: Obtain every card in the Basic Set.

  • One of Everything!

100g: Obtain every card in the Expert Set.

There’s currently no means to check out which of these achievements you’ve already accomplished and which ones you still have to attain. In other words, you don’t have any in-game cues about your progress, hence the term hidden quests.

Participate in the Arena

Whenever you enter the Arena, you must compete a total of nine games. The more victories you get, the better loot found in the reward chests given to you in the end. These chests don’t always give gold, though, as there are other stuff that may appear as well—arcane dusts and rare cards. Even if you lose three times (ergo, disqualified and no longer able to continue) and don’t win even a single game, there are still prizes to be had albeit in much smaller amounts or inferior quality.

Arena chest rewards

Winning at least seven of the nine available games in one Arena entry guarantees a minimum of 150g among the prizes.

Remember, playing in the Arena means betting away 150g for a ticket/entry in order to get a chance to earn more gold. Let me give you a bit of warning, though: don’t get addicted into spending real money because of that “just one more time” attitude. In my case, I was shocked to see my credit bill reach so high, all because of repeated attempts to win in the Arena. Of course, you don’t have to heed my warning if you’re loaded with cash. :)

And another thing: first attempt winning at least seven games in Play/Practice mode without losing three times. Consider it your training for the Arena, which is even harder due to the random cards you’ll be choosing to form your deck. Even deck construction requires strategy, so think carefully on every choices to make. Have an educated gamble for getting more gold.

Spend Real Money in Hearthstone Beta

I’ve yet to find the official announcement about this, but apparently the amount of real money you spend in the beta version of Hearthstone will be recompensated with an equivalent amount of gold once the game is ready for prime time.

Spend real money in Hearthstone's Arena for future gold

Where to Spend Gold Earned in Hearthstone

When you’ve accumulated so much gold in the game, the naturally thing to do is to spend them. Only two things can be bought using gold at the moment: shopping for a card pack for 100g in the game store and, as mentioned above, getting an Arena entry for 150g.


As of this writing, there’s no way to trade gold with people in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Here’s hoping Blizzard will eventually implement some sort of auction house where players can exchange goods, including gold, cards, and arcane dusts. As this guide was written while playing the Beta version, some tips and tricks mentioned above may no longer work once the game is in its final release. Rest assured that I will keep this guide updated whenever changes in the gameplay are introduced.

Did I miss any great ways to earn gold in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft? Be sure to mention them in the comments below.

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