Saturday, November 30, 2013

How to pay bills through the GCash app for Android

Though I like the occasional trips to the mall during my leisure time, the experience is sometimes exhausting because I also have to pay for my bills, specifically my phone and Internet bills issued by Globe. This local telecom arguably has the best retail concept stores—complete with demo phones, welcoming ambiance, and helpful support staff, but customers like me visit the place in droves. In other words, the queue for the cashier is quite long at most times, consuming most of my time at the mall just waiting for my turn to make payments. That’s why I’ve decided to make good use of GCash to pay my Globe bills.

Globe Telecom concept store in Ayala Cebu

How to pay bills through GCash

For this guide, I paid for bills for my phone and Internet, both utilities I got subscriptions for from Globe. Instead of dealing with keywords and merchant codes, I used the GCash app for Android so that all my transactions can be done conveniently. Here’s how I did it:

GCash for Android log-in screenGCash for Android main screen

  1. GCash for Android pay billsLog into the GCash app with your 4-digit PIN. (Or register first if you’re not yet a subscriber.) Wait for the authentication request to finish.
  2. Once inside the app, tap on the Pay Bills button, which is located at the bottom center of the screen.
  3. Enter the amount to pay, scroll through the list of billers and find the one you want to pay to (a search option is also available), and enter your account number for that biller/service.
  4. Tap Next to proceed, verify that all entered information are corrected, and tap Pay to confirm the payment.

If transaction is successful, you will receive an SMS message from 2882, detailing the payment information, remaining GCash balance, and the reference number for the transaction. This last one is important, as you will need this when calling customer support should an issue with the payment arise. Note that most GCash payments require 1 to 2 banking days before getting processed by the billers.

GCash successful bills payment

If you’re a Globe (either Tattoo or mobile) postpaid subscriber (8-digit account number) and want to pay for your bill, select Globe Handyphone or Globe Postpaid Plans in the list as your biller. If you’re paying for a Globe Wimax subscription (9-digit account number) instead, choose Globelines. If unsure about which billers to choose, there’s always the telecom’s hotline (211) to ask for assistance with GCash.

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