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Treasure Yeti – An In-Depth Guide to Plants vs Zombies 2’s Mythical Zombie Yeti

Appearing least often in the game, the Treasure Yeti is one of the most desired zombies for users to kill due to the riches it grants. This guide aims to teach you everything you need to learn about this mythical undead creature that’s also known as the Zombie Yeti: where to find it, how to kill it, and what prizes you get from it.

Plants vs Zombies 2 Treasure Yeti almanac entry

Note that this guide is written for the Android version of Plants vs Zombies 2 (build version 1.5). The iOS edition of the app may still be compatible with the tips here, though certain features may be slightly different.

Where do I encounter the Treasure Yeti?

Unlike other zombies, the Treasure Yeti doesn’t normally spawn at a pre-set stage/level/difficulty. Furthermore, zombie yeti sightings are sporadic with no predetermined time or schedule. What is certain is that this mysterious undead randomly appears in a level that the player has already cleared. Such random level will have an icon hovering above it. The spawn interval between yetis is estimated to be about 24 hours.

Your best hope to find a Treasure Yeti is to receive a notification from the app telling you that one has been sighted. When it happens, immediately go to the level where the zombie yeti is spotted. There’s no telling how long the creature stays there. That’s why it’s best to play that level as soon as possible.

Plants vs Zombies 2 Treasure Yeti icon

As long as a level is cleared, there’s a certainly a chance that the Treasure Yeti will appear there. Beating the level once (ergo gaining at least one star from it) is enough. In case you have a yeti to kill while at the same time still have some stars to gain in a particular level/stage, prioritize doing the former instead of meeting the requirements for the star. After all, you can always come back as you please to get a star. But if you’re up to it and have a good strategy, you can also choose to hit these two birds with one stone.

Treasure Yeti official almanac entry

Toughness: Dense | Speed: Basic
Description: A rare and curious creature, he always packs a lunch.
Speed Details: runs away after a short while
Special: carries treasure

The rare and wondrous Yeti carries his lunch box up and down Mount Brainer to his isolated mountain lodge.

What’s the best way/strategy to kill a Treasure Yeti?

The Treasure Yeti in Plants vs Zombies 2 is similar to the one found in the first PvZ game. It’s main difference is its timid nature; once hit from any damage source, it starts walking backwards. If it succeeds going off the screen, then that means you didn’t have enough firepower to kill it—you let it escape instead, along with its treasure.

As mentioned above, you need to prioritize killing the zombie yeti instead of everything else. However, that doesn’t mean losing the level—getting any zombie past the lawnmower—is fine, because doing so means not getting the treasure!

Plants that can instantly kill

Tough and hard to kill, the best way to bring down the Treasure Yeti is to reserve enough sun for plants that can deal a fatal blow. These include the Coconut Cannon, Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno, and Squash.

Plant Food for added firepower

If you fail to collect enough sun for those insta-kill floras, you can also make use of Plant Food to temporarily give a plant a boost in power. For instance, feeding the Snapdragon, Bonk Choy, or Repeater grants them enough damage to kill the zombie yeti.

You can also feed a Spikeweed or Spikerock in the same lane where the zombie Yeti is. Doing so pulls it to where the plant is located, thus giving you more time before it escapes.

Power Ups

Another option is to consume a Power Up. Your best bet is the Power Zap (hold your finger down on a zombie to electrocute it).

Distract the Treasure Yeti

Despite your best efforts, the zombie yeti may still endure all the blows you throw at it. To prevent the creature from escaping, place a plant to its right or exactly at the plot/space it’s standing. This zombie, even though rare, is just like any other—it will always halt to eat a plant whenever he encounters one. Your best choices for this tactic are the defensive Tall-nut and Wall-nut.

Restart level to try killing the zombie yeti again

This is a bit of a cheat but is nevertheless a good way to not let the Treasure Yeti escape. For some reason, the creature disappears if you retire from the level he’s currently found in, but it will still reappear if you choose to restart the level instead. Be aware that you can’t repeatedly restart the level for more treasure boxes, because you also need to complete the level along with the kill to get one.

Restart level to try killing the zombie yeti again

You can’t just ignore it

If left unharmed, the yeti will still walk backward after making a short appearance. Kill it as fast as possible.

What riches does the Treasure Yeti drop?

Based on personal experience, the zombie yeti’s lunch box contains diamonds (each worth a thousand coins) and keys. I’ve yet to obtain another item type from the box. Nevertheless, this is one of the casual ways for getting keys, which are important for unlocking several features of the Plants vs Zombies 2. Also check out my in-depth guide about keys.

Though I’ve yet to see it for myself, a yeti kill may also drop more lunch boxes instead of just one. Power Ups are also said to be possible drops.


Do you know something about Plants vs Zombies 2’s Treasure Yeti that I haven’t included in my guide? Blast away in the comments below!

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