Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How to Make Fast and Easy Gold: A Short Guide to Hearthstone Gold Grinding

Of all nine classes available in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, the Mage, Hunter, and Rogue are the best classes you can use to form a speed deck for gold grinding. Accumulating a lot of gold in the shortest time possible is one of the important things for free-to-play players, what with their reasons for not spending any real money to buy cards and/or enter the arena.

Building a speed deck generally revolves around cards (either spells or minions) that can deal tremendous damage in as few turns as the player is able. In other words, you should have a number of good minions that can be summoned with little mana. You must then support them with an arsenal of direct damage spells and crowd control cards to allow those minions to bypass opposing minions and deal immediate damage to the hero.

Note that using a speed deck means winning or losing quickly. If you lose a match, at least it only wasted a few minutes of your time. Never engage in a drawn-out match, because the time spent on such epic battle could have been used for quicker duels, meaning possible quick victories and gold winnings.

It is also generally recommended to play in Unranked matches because of the game’s tendency to match you with easier opponents under such option. With Ranked matches, on the other hand, you will face more difficult players as you progress through the ranks.

Other Tips to Hearthstone Gold Grinding

  • Other ways to get gold are via quests, arena mode, and achievements, both of which I’ve greatly covered in my other gold guide.
  • Make sure you unlock all the basic cards for your chosen class so you’ll have a solid number of cards to form your speed deck from.
  • As this is all about card collection, make sure you do not craft relatively useless cards. Save your dusts for the very rare cards that hardly drop from booster packs.

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