Thursday, May 9, 2013

Common Writing Mistake: Procrastinating or Not Starting

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Postponing any writing task is a habit that’s common to many writers (including me who often leaves this blog to rot). A couple of reasons come to mind as to why we keep holding off from starting to write something. In my case, I always use the excuse that the idea is already in my mind, that realizing it in written output only takes a few moments. Therefore, I ask myself why I should do it now when I can simply start later right before the deadline; I can finish it immediately anyway. That, truth be told, is actually an expectation and never a certainty. Some unforeseen problems may always arise and become impediments to completing my work.

CollegeHumor Procrastination

Besides overconfidence, writers also procrastinate because of getting overwhelmed by the prospect of writing a project, especially major ones. Some complain about suffering from writer’s block, which is the inability to start writing or continue an existing one. Similarly, some more might say they’re just passing the time until inspiration strikes them. Yet some others find it easier to do just about anything other than writing, eager to get distracted even on unproductive routines.

So, how do you overcome this common writing mistake of not starting? First off, get a pen and a piece of paper already (or open Word if you like to type instead)! You just have to start on anything. Just write whatever occurs in your mind. When a lot of text has been jotted down, you can organize them so that they follow a train of thought. Your initial output from this method may be mediocre in quality, but you can always review your work and rewrite. This is especially important for the beginning part of your writing since that’s what that catches the attention of readers and maintains their interest to continue reading your work.

Levels of Procrastination

Even if you also use my excuse that the idea is already inside your mind, you might still forget it. You might even regret that you did not jot your idea down, especially when it’s provoking, genuine, and mind-blowing. To put it short, anything in mind that comes relevant to your writing project, just write it somewhere!

And what about that spark of inspiration? To me, it’s rather an illusion. Such occurrence don’t just happen for no reason. In my opinion, inspiration is more like a sheer force of will to pull yourself together and write already. Even writing just one word is a good start. By then, all you need to do is think clearly and concentrate, trying hard to never be sidetracked by unrelated things. It’s you and you alone who can do this. Good luck!

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Reaction Guys – Meme History

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The reaction guys are four IGN employees who attended the E3 conference in 2003 and 2004 and whose reaction to the announcement of Nintendo’s then-new game titles were pictured. The meme is usually a four-paned comics where the initial reaction can either start with disappointment or excitement over something lame or awesome and the consequent reaction can then be the opposite. The reaction guys is also known as Gaijin 4koma, which stands for “4-frame foreigners” in Japanese.

Reaction Guys - Naked Girl That is Really a Dude


In 2003, Nintendo announced the game, Pacman vs., for the Gamecube platform at the E3 2003 Expo. While later reviews were generally positive, four IGN reporters (Matt Casamassina, Craig Harris, Chadd Chamers, and Peer Schneider) were shown to be rather impartial to the game’s unveiling.

Reaction Guys - Something Lame and Disappointing

Flash forward to the E3 2004 Expo, the same people were pictured and shown to be quite elated after hearing the announcement of a new Zelda title known as Twilight Princess.

Reaction Guys - Something Awesome and Exciting


The comics is typically established with the following formula:

  1. First pane: something lame or boring
  2. Second pane: reaction guys getting bored
  3. Third pane: something awesome or fantastic
  4. Last pane: reaction guys in ecstasy

The setup can be reversed; the reaction guys are at first seen being quite happy about something but turn out to be mislead and deceived, therefore showing a disappointed reaction at that point.

Best of Reaction Guys

Reaction Guys - Ugly and Pretty Katy Perry

Reaction Guys - Justin Bieber Dies

Reaction Guys - Naked Girl Body That is Really A Guy's Armpit

Reaction Guys - Saiyan Levels

Saiyan picture via DeviantArt