Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Common Writing Mistake: Not Completing What You’ve Started

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Okay, so we’ve dealt with a very common writing problem—the mistake of not starting—in my previous post. But while some people find it usually hard to begin something, finishing it is even a more arduous task. Starting is actually easy, especially when you already have the idea formed in your head. On the other hand, finishing is hard since you need to connect the dots. You need to make sure that a train of thought is followed from the beginning to end of your composition.

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In my case, I actually find excitement when starting any new projects, be it writing an article or coding a computer program. The problem lies in failing to find the will to complete the whole thing. Writing itself is, after all, the hardest part of the whole writing process. From time to time, another idea is formed inside my mind and tempts me to focus on it instead of the current work that I need to accomplish. They only add up to the usual weapons of mass distractions that we get fired upon. Furthermore, procrastination is still an issue here for everyone. People often are relaxed and don’t feel the anxiety in the beginning, but only to become overwhelmed by the pressure as the deadline nears.

Weapons of Mass Distraction

So how do you fix such predicament? Before anything else, do not start multiple projects simultaneously, so that you don’t have to divide your time trying to finish everything. Focus on one and one alone. People who make a living through writing can use money as their sort of driving force. No finished output implies no means of paying the bills. They could also lose their jobs if they continue their lazy habit.

You can also practice letting go of your emotions and reservations so that all you have to do is write. Withhold any plans to reward yourself until you complete your project. Do not pamper yourself without justification. Aim for the end of your work, no matter how long this composition should be.

Not finishing is a common writing mistake that you need to correct. After all, you just can’t publish your work and leave your readers hanging on in the middle of a sente-

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